Jeb Bush: We Must Respect Lawlessness and Perversion

lawThere is little for which I could thank RINO Jeb Bush, but I can thank him for removing any shred of doubt that there might be an inkling of worth in his presumed bid for president in 2016.

In addition to being a proponent of lawless amnesty for people who are in our country illegally, Bush is a proponent of lawless contempt for state constitutions, the will of the people, and the invaluable institution of marriage itself.

From the Washington Post via Frontpage Mag:

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Jeb Bush, a likely Republican presidential candidate, called for “respect” of same-sex marriages on Monday as his home state of Florida began allowing gays to wed following a court ruling.

Bush, a former governor of Florida, said in a statement that even those like him who oppose same-sex marriage must “respect the rule of law” now that the state’s ban on gay marriages has been ruled unconstitutional.

What a complete crock!  With one statement, Jeb Bush has provided all the proof needed that he is completely and totally unworthy of even being a Republican nominee, much less President of the United States.

…called for “respect” of same-sex marriages…

We must “respect” an egregious perversion of marriage and an attack on the family? Not going to happen.

What’s more, counterfeit marriage provides nothing whatsoever that is beneficial to society. The purpose of marriage is not a friendship or affection registry. Marriage has a specific meaning and purpose; when we attempt to make it “mean” something that it clearly does not, we devalue it, we undermine it, we weaken it…and the institution is far too important to any civilization to mess around with.

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…even those like him who oppose same-sex marriage must “respect the rule of law”…

We must “respect” a ham-fisted, brutal assault on the rule of law and various state constitutions? And pretend that lawless judicial activism somehow, in some alternate universe, manages to remotely equate to a “rule of law”?

This kind of talk would be asinine even for a Democrat. But from a “Republican”? That kind of brazen ignorance (I’m being overly charitable by calling it “ignorance,” I know), dereliction and cowardice is beyond unacceptable for a Republican.

No, we don’t need more surrender monkeys in the federal government who counsel capitulation in the face of the Leftist attack on the very fabric of American life.

And no, God helping me, I will never, ever, ever respect lawlessness and perversion.  Jeb Bush shouldn’t, either.

What we should be hearing from Republicans–every Republican–is something that goes on the offensive. We should hear Republican leaders talking about impeaching judicial activists who entitle themselves to overturn state constitutions and the will of the people. We should hear Republican leaders talking about congress using the constitutional power that the legislative body has to limit the judiciary and make it clear that they have no jurisdiction to push the counterfeiting of marriage. We should hear Republican leaders talking about the fact that the executive branches of the federal and state governments are under no obligation whatsoever to comply with patently unconstitutional and illegal edicts handed down by lawless judicial activists.

As many of this nation’s founders used to say, “Rebellion to Tyrants is Obedience to God.” Natural law has higher precedence than any other law, especially illegal edicts which ignore the rule of law.

The American people must put our collective foot down and stop compliantly capitulating to the tyrants who are making a mockery of the rule of law, and who are robbing self-rule from the American people only to hand it to Leftist elitists and their favored constituents.

And Republicans must put their collective foot down and stop entertaining even for a second any more sellouts and traitors to not only the documented values of the Republican Party, but the very way of life of the American people.

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