Poll: Tea Party Still Very Popular Among Republicans

Tea_Party_countryThe Tea Party News Network reports on a new poll of Republicans and independents who lean Republican which found that a large majority of them support the Tea Party movement.

When Republicans were asked whether they consider themselves a supporter or opponent of the Tea Party movement, 57% overall said they at least somewhat or strongly supported the movement, while only 23% said they didn’t. The remaining 20% fell in the “Don’t know” category

Not a big surprise since the Tea Party movement stands for some of the key values which form the foundation of the Republican Party:

  • Limited government
  • Fiscal responsiblity
  • Low tax rates

Tea_Party_DemocratThese are some of the central principles behind the documented goals of the Republican Party…some of the same ones the Republican establishment has been heaping contempt on for the past decade or so.

Ted Cruz 2016


These poll results are especially remarkable in light of the four-year campaign of vilification that has been waged against the Tea Party by the “mainstream” media and other members of the Left, not to mention the war against the Tea Party that has been waged by establishment “Republicans” for nearly that long (they felt they didn’t need us anymore after we got them a little power in 2010).

In our hyper-PC culture, accusations of racism are radioactive, and the RINOs have learned well from the out-of-the-closet liberals in the Democrat Party. The GOP establishment has used this propaganda tool against Tea Party conservatives in Mississippi, South Dakota and other states, removing any doubt whatsoever that RINOs think that people who actually believe in Republican values are a greater enemy than Democrats.

Despite all this, a solid majority of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents still back the Tea Party. Amazing.

Woodrow Wilcox


Now they just need to find their voice and oust these liberal frauds that are destroying the Republican Party…and America along with it.

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