RINO Huckabee Considering Presidential Run

Mike Huckabee ({Photo credit: David Ball)According to AP via The Blaze, RINO Mike Huckabee has quit his Fox News show to consider running for president in 2016.

That’s all we need: another RINO to run for president to improve the odds that Democrats will get another chance to lead American down the road to Hell from the White House. We already have RINO Jeb Bush looking at a run; do we really need a second RINO?

I know a lot of you are probably scratching your head when I call Huckabee a RINO. After all, Huckabee has spent the last 8 years or so pretending to be a conservative, and with his Fox News show where he’s made a big show of talking conservative, he no doubt has many Americans confused into thinking he’s really a conservative.

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But never, ever, ever forget to look at the record over the rhetoric. They don’t call him “the Huckster” for nothing.

Mike Huckabee was such a worthless excuse for a conservative (or Republican, for that matter) that conservative icon Phyllis Schlafly said Huckabee “destroyed the conservative movement in Arkansas, and left the Republican Party a shambles.” We need a president and a presidential candidate like that, don’t we?

Huckabee has a pathetic record on illegal immigration. He sounds just like a liberal. While governor in his state, worked to bring a Mexican consulate to Arkansas (the kind known to issue ID cards which confuse people into thinking illegals are in this country legally), and he called efforts to deal with the illegal immigration “inflammatory and race-baiting.” He also sought drivers licenses for illegal aliens, again creating the illusion that they are in our country legally.  When Republicans in Arkansas tried to stop illegal aliens from getting to vote and getting taxpayer funds,  Huckabee said such efforts “inflames those who are racist and bigots and makes them think there’s a real problem. But there’s not.”

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There isn’t a problem with illegal aliens?  Sure.

Huckabee also sounds like a Democrat on economic issues, and never met a tax hike he didn’t love–or a spending increase.

Huckabee is also soft on the threat of terrorism, having attended a liberal appeasement confab, and joining President Barack Obama in stating he would close the terrorist POW camp at Club Gitmo; we wouldn’t want terrorists to keep on hating us, after all.

One of the most disturbing things about Mike Huckabee is his absolutely abominable record on crime and public safety. While governor, Huckabee granted clemency to more convicted criminals than the six states surrounding Arkansas combined.  Several recipients of his “compassion” have gone on and wreak fresh death and destruction on the public, including Wayne Dumond who, after being freed by Huckabee from his sentence for raping a cheerleader, went on to rape and kill a woman, and was suspected in another rape and murder (he died in prison before he could face the second set of fresh charges).

And there was Maurice Clemmons who Huckabee freed and went on to slaughter four Washington state police officers about four years ago. Huckabee has sought to dodge responsibility for the blood on his hands and hopes people will not associate his record (and its consequences) with his rhetoric.  Sadly, on many fronts, Huckabee lacks a fundamental understanding of the nature of evil.

Huckabee has also embraced the big-government liberal education initiative known as Common Core. While a growing number of Americans are realizing Common Core is a very bad idea, Mike Huckabee’s loving it.

Huckabee is even cited in the AP article attempting to revise his record on marriage. Again, he wants to sound like a conservative, but his record shows a RINO that is soft on marriage. In 2006, he made it clear that as long as homosexual activists wanted to create something that looked like marriage, so long as they didn’t try to call it marriage, he was okay with that. Maybe Huckabee was too busy releasing criminals onto society to notice, but before activist judges started allowing them to counterfeit marriage, they were pursuing things like “civil unions” as an official pseudo-marital status as a stepping-stone to help corrupt the American people and get them more used to the idea of counterfeit marriage.

Huckabee eventually acknowledged this when he ran for president in 2007, admitting:

it really is a precursor toward marriage. Once the government says this relationship is in essence similar to or equal to a marriage—we’re not going to call it that, but that’s what it is—and you grant it the same basic rights as marriage, then you’ve effectively done it.

When you know about Huckabee’s actual record, it’s easy to understand why he wants to ban the term “RINO,” isn’t it? RINOs never like being called what they are (“Republicans In Name Only”).  Liberal Republicans want to be judged on their conservative talk, not their liberal actions. They want the accolades that come with being known as a “Republican” without doing the heavy lifting of earning the title “Republican.” Sorry, if you want to be known as a Republican, you darned well better behave like one.

Before you even think of backing Mike Huckabee for anything–including dog catcher–you need to read up on his record. There is much, much more there than I have covered in this brief article.  Despite his desperate attempts to sound like a true-blue conservative, he is, as many Republicans in Arkansas called him, nothing but a “pro-life liberal.”  It’s good that he has been consistently pro-life, but there is much, much more to being an elected official than protecting the unborn, as important as that is.

America doesn’t need someone this naive, uninformed, dishonest, or mushy to lead. We’ve never been able to afford that kind of “leadership,” and certainly not today with the sharks circling in the waters.

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  • Drew Dennert

    I’m convinced their are only 2 true conservatives considering a run: Rand Paul and Ted Cruz.
    Cruz and Paul would both make good Presidents although I don’t think Cruz could win a general. I like Rand Paul at this point.

  • Joshua

    Huckabee had to contend with a legislature that had 11 Republicans and 89 democrats.You dont have many to communicate the message like Regan in the Republican Party!Its easy to criticize his Conservative record, looking at hindsight!

    • http://www.americanclarion.com/ Bob Ellis

      Stop making excuses for this lying RINO!

      He displayed absolutely ZERO reluctance to do anything against any of the liberal policy positions he advanced. Did his veto pen run out of ink?

      Your flimsy excuse also does nothing to mitigate the fact that he PROMOTED these liberal positions. Didn’t say, “Darn it, I just can’t stop ’em,” didn’t just acquiesce, he PROMOTED liberal positions.

      You can’t blame his calling his fellow Republicans racists and bigots on the Democrats in the legislature.

      Making excuses for RINOs is what has gotten our nation $18 trillion in debt, and in a moral cesspool.


      Stop feeding the RINOs!