Brigadier Gen. To Discuss Afghan War

Brig. Gen. Johnson (right) with Gen. David Patraeus in 2010.          Photo provided by Duke Doering.

Brig. Gen. Johnson (right) with Gen. David Patraeus in 2010.
Photo provided by Duke Doering.

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Army Brigadier General Ted Johnson, recently retired from the South Dakota National Guard, will talk on Saturday, January 10, about his experiences directing the Guard through the largest call up of SDNG forces since WWII. Sponsored by the Black Hills Veterans Writing Group, the event will take place at Western Dakota Technical Institute in Rapid City, starting at 9 am.

More than 7,200 troops were deployed to support the War on Terror. He is the only general officer in the SDNG ever to command a combat unit: the 196th Maneuver Enhancement Brigade in Kabul, Afghanistan, from 2010 to 2011.

BG Johnson and his approximately 5,000 soldier task force worked directly under Gen. Petraeus.

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Army Brig. Gen. Ted Johnson, of Rapid City, retired [recently] after more than 35 years of military service to the state and nation. Johnson retired as the director of the joint staff for the South Dakota National Guard and held numerous key leadership positions throughout the years.



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