States Can Fight Back Against Leftist Tyranny

As this recent report from Fox News indicates, the attack on religious freedom in the United States continues with the edict against Colorado baker Jack Phillips. Homosexual activists are attempting to violate his religious freedom, seeking to force him to bake a cake for a counterfeit wedding, and indoctrinate himself and his employees with the propaganda that counterfeit marriage is equal to a real marriage.

Unfortunately, this is far from the only case where religious freedom is under attack from homosexual activists and their “useful idiots” on the Left. Another such example is Donald and Evelyn Knapp have a wedding chapel in Idaho, and officials are attempting to force them to counterfeit marriage. Check out the video below for more information.

Americans do not forfeit their God-given, Constitutionally-protected right to religious freedom (as well as their fundamental right to run their business as they see fit) simply because they choose to own a business.

Unlike the Right, the Left is fully committed to achieving its goals, and will allow nothing (not freedom, not morality, not law, and not the U.S. Constitution) to stand in the way of their agenda.  The Left does not worry about being called “the bad guy,” nor does it worry about maintaining a persona of being “Mr. Nice Guy,” nor does the Left care about what its enemies say about it. It only cares about achieving the goal, through whatever means necessary.

Wouldn’t it be nice if the Right was even half that dedicated (heck, I’d settled for a quarter that dedicated, right now)?  And unlike the Left, we have the law, the U.S. Constitution and numerous state constitutions on our side.  When will we on the Right stop being such pansies?

Fortunately, not everyone on the Right is a pansy.  Some remain committed to not only defend what is right after it is attacked, but to act first to defend it.

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At CNS News, Andy Schafly highlights efforts in South Carolina to take a proactive stand against judicial activists and the assault on marriage:

South Carolina H. 3022 first establishes this: “No state or local taxpayer funds or governmental salaries may be paid for an activity that includes the licensing or support of same-sex marriage.”  South Carolina cannot control whether five Justices on the Supreme Court will capitulate to liberal demands to invent a new constitutional right found nowhere in the history or text of the Constitution, but South Carolina can control how it spends its own money.  The Constitution, including the Eleventh Amendment, protects South Carolina’s spending against federal interference.  The Supreme Court will not be sending money to South Carolina to pay for same-sex marriage.

SC H. 3022 expressly ensures that “[n]o state or local governmental employee officially shall recognize, grant, or enforce a same-sex marriage license. If an employee violates this subsection, the employee must not continue to receive a salary, pension, or other employee benefit at the expense of the taxpayers of this State.”

In the event liberals seek to use state courts to legislate from the bench, SC H.3022 also has a bulwark against that.  “A court of this State shall dismiss a legal action challenging a provision of this section and shall award costs and attorney’s fees to a person or entity named as a defendant in the legal action.”  The bill adds that “[t]he State is not subject to suit in law or equity pursuant to the eleventh amendment of the United States Constitution for complying with the provisions of this section, regardless of a contrary federal court ruling.”  Federal courts lack constitutional authority to control how states spend their money.

It’s about time people got proactive about defending what is right, and went on the offensive; always reacting to the assaults of the Left, and spending most of our time whining is no way to defend ourselves. Last year, I urged South Dakota’s federal representatives, as well as a major pro-family group, to launch a pre-emptive strike against the enemies of marriage by making it clear that we would seek the impeachment of any and all federal judges who might attempt to undermine the constitutionally-passed South Dakota marriage protection amendment to the South Dakota Constitution. Sadly, my urging was met with sniveling and cowardice, but perhaps there might be just a little more intestinal fortitude in our state legislature.


Marriage is too important to our civilization to not do everything we can to defend it from Leftist barbarians; indeed, it would be relatively simple to defend, if we would only assert ourselves and use the legal and constitutional tools we have at our disposal.

I will be contacting several South Dakota legislators to ask them to introduce such legislation in the 2015 South Dakota legislative session. Given that the South Dakota GOP is riven with liberal RINOs, and the leadership of the party is almost entirely composed of liberals, it will be an uphill climb, but if enough conservatives, Christians, and just plain good people will get behind the effort, we might be able to force these liberal sympathizers to actually defend marriage and our state constitution.

After all, as Ronald Reagan said, if you can’t make them see the light, make them feel the heat.

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