Jeb Bush: RINOs Run From Reality

dog_v_rinoLeftist infiltrators in the Republican Party are preening over a CNN (what self-respecting conservative or even Republican believes a word that comes from CNN?) poll which found that RINO Jeb Bush supposedly leads among 2016 GOP presidential contenders.

The only people who want RINO Jeb Bush as the GOP nominee in 2016 are (a) idiot “Republicans” and (b) liberals who want a Democrat to get elected to the White House in 2016.

(Seriously, did McCain and Romney not teach these dufus’ anything???)

Meanwhile, Rasmussen (yes, that Rasmussen polling organization that has been recognized many times for its accuracy) released results today which found only 1/3 of likely Republican voters want to see Jeb Bush run for president, while one percent more (34%) DON’T want him to, and another third don’t know (apparently they’re waiting to learn what “the smartest guy in the room” thinks, before making up their own “mind”).

Also, the Tea Party News Network reports on a recent straw poll from The Federalist which found Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) with a commanding lead among 16 contenders of 26.13%.  Senator Rand Paul (R-KY), who has a good record but has recently started making milquetoast comments, comes in second at 22.67% (that won’t hold once people learn about the RINO statements he’s been making lately).

Jeb Bush comes in at only 2.73% on this poll.

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As you might guess (since federalism is the hallmark of our American system of government, and the U.S. Constitution was ratified based largely on the arguments in The Federalist Papers), The Federalist takes conservative (you know, the ideology upon which the Republican Party is founded and has enjoyed success) principles seriously.

In order to overcome the massive full-court-press that is always waged by the “mainstream” media, as well as the “vote for us and we’ll give you free stuff” appeal of the Democrat Party, a Republican presidential candidate MUST be inspirational.  He cannot offer or exemplify a “lite” version of the Leftist party of record. Though the Republican electorate can sometimes become so desperate that sometimes RINOs can be elected within the smaller media market of a state (where there is seldom enough media coverage to put real records under a microscope), that never occurs in a presidential race. (Can you say “McCain 2008” and “Romney 2012”, not to mention some earlier RINO failures?)


The reality is that the only hope for the Republican Party in 2016 (indeed, the only hope for America) is a Republican candidate who understands conservative principles, is committed to advancing those principles, is dedicated to destroying the liberal shackles that are strangling our nation, and who can articulate proven American principles to the American people.

This isn’t rocket science. What kind of heroes inspire people in books and movies?  Is it the kind of “hero” who seeks to understand the bad guys? Is it the “hero” who works to “compromise” with evil?  Is it the “hero” who diligently looks for “common ground” with those who are trying to do harm?

Or is it the down-to-earth hero who gets a little ****ed off at injustice, sets his mind to the task, and eliminates the threat?  It’s the one who decisively defeats the bad guys, isn’t it?

Another “Me too, just not so much” liberal appeaser like Romney or McCain will yet again turn off the American people…and hand over this country to its domestic enemies once again, probably to finish it off forever this time.

We’ve tried it the RINO way too many times already. We’re long overdue for these arrogant fools to get their mind right, and start supporting candidates who not only support the documented values of the Republican Party, but who can win precisely because they support those values.

If the GOP establishment has the slightest shred of allegiance for the principles they like to mouth, they’ll get with the program and come in for the big win in 2016.  Otherwise, you can lay the 2016 defeat, the decimation of the Republican Party, and ultimately the demise of America, squarely at the feet of the Republicans In Name Only.

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