The Cold, Hard Truth About Congressional ‘Republicans’

Reagan_party_1bI received this email from Erick Erickson of RedState this morning (you can read it online at RedState here). And I could not possibly agree with it more. If you are under any illusions that America will be protected now that the “Republican” Party is in control of congress…you’d better open your eyes REAL fast, or you’re in for a rude awakening in short order.

Because, with a few exceptions, America just elected a bunch of frauds and fake conservatives to “Republican” seats in congress (like South Dakota’s Mike Rounds), and the only difference between them and their Democrat colleagues is that at least you know up front with no illusions that the Democrats will be selling out your American values.

I will keep nothing from you. Today, let me share with you the truth.

Republicans will not stop Barack Obama’s executive overreach. In fact, while you were enjoying your Thanksgiving there were a number of stories out that the Republican leadership wants to give its members an opportunity to express their outrage and opposition.

Expression is not action.

They will take no action to stop the President. In fact, a few days ago the House Appropriations Committee tried to convince everyone they do not even have the power to stop the President. Congress’s own research service disagrees.

But Republicans have no intention of stopping Barack Obama. Why would they? The House and Senate Republicans leaders favor precisely the measures he took. They can huff and puff that he overreached, but they know they cannot get a similar measure passed in Congress.

So instead, when Congress returns to Washington after this Thanksgiving break, they will behave like the turkeys we all just carved up for dinner. They’ll do a song and dance, they will express their outrage, then they will fund Barack Obama’s amnesty plan.

They have no intention of stopping him.

But what they seem too clueless to realize is that they will only now further enable him. Because the GOP will not fight him on this issue — an issue they campaigned against during the midterms – there is no way they will stop him on anything else.

Republicans, by surrendering the fight preemptively because they do not want a shutdown, will now be Barack Obama’s enabler for even more massive government overreach by executive order.

Barack Obama is no fool. He knows the GOP will not shut down the government to stop him, so now he will stretch his legs further on environmental regulations and more.

For that, we can thank the spineless Republicans.

That, my friends, is the truth and the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

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