Affirmative Morality is Destroying America

Ferguson_cars_burningIf Barack Obama had a son I guess he would live in Ferguson, Missouri.

I don’t know about you but I am sick and tired of the race-baiting and the double standard that is currently holding sway in America. It is a sliding scale…grading on the curve is what we used to call it when I taught school.

But for whatever reason the elites ruling in the halls of academia in America decided that grading on the curve was a much fairer way of leveling the playing field. Grading on a curve meant that the standards were lowered so that the low-qualifiers didn’t look so low. It was lying, actually. A false scale by which the low-achievers were able to look more competent.

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Affirmative action is grading on a curve on steroids.

Affirmative Action is defined in the legal dictionary as : “Employment programs required by federal statutes and regulations designed to remedy discriminatory practices in hiring minority group members; i.e., positive steps designed to eliminate existing and continuing discrimination, to remedy lingering effects of past discrimination, and to create systems and procedures to prevent future discrimination; commonly based on population percentages of minority groups in a particular area. Factors considered are race, color, sex, creed, and age.”

I am a sports nut. I have been all of my life. The thing that makes sports so great is that it is played on a level playing field. From the time I picked up a basketball at the ripe age of three I became acutely aware that there were a set of unchangeable, immutable rules that applied to every player. Athletics has a way of focusing on the unique skills of the individual.

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Everyone played by the same rules. It didn’t matter whether you were tall or short, fast or slow, male of female, black or white, everyone played by the same rules. You know them; no double dribbling, no stepping out of bounds; no pushing the opponent etc. Everyone shot from the same 15 foot foul line towards a 10 foot high basket. No exceptions. No hunching. No affirmative rules. The slow fat guys did not get a head start on the fast break.

That is what makes the games so fun to watch. No matter what the sport, the rules apply to all and victory is achieved by overcoming the skill-set of the opponent. A skill-set the opponent developed by operating within the same parameters (rules) all players are expected to follow.

Affirmative action is altering the rules for some of the players. Even though affirmative action has lowered the standards for some of the players in the education-government-business world it has yet to impact the athletic world where rules and standards are fixed and everyone lives or dies on his/her own accomplishments. The evolutionists, when they are honest, call it the law of the jungle. The jungle has no affirmative action standards. Only the fittest survive.

I don’t know if you have noticed but most of the professional athletic ranks are filled by those who would be classified as minorities. Look no further than sports to understand that blacks are able to survive, thrive actually, where the rules are fixed and no head-starts are given.

But the greatest apostasy of all is that America is being ravaged by Affirmative Morality. Affirmative Morality is the altering of the moral rule book. It is a different set of rules for different players. It is like allowing a short white guy’s basket counting 4 points rather than 2. Inequality destroys the integrity of the game. Even a young child would cry “that’s not fair”…or…”that’s cheating” when they see someone alter the rules to gain an advantage.

Affirmative Morality is destroying America. There are a different set of behaviors that are expected of you if you belong to a particular class of people. Blacks are expected to follow the same rules as whitey in the NBA, but he has an entirely dumbed-down set of rules he is expected to follow in the real world.

What we are witnessing in Ferguson is Affirmative Morality. It is simply an altering of the moral code for those who think the rules are unfair. Rioting, looting, stealing, and burning buildings to the ground are not “fouls” for minorities, especially if they think the referees made a bad call.

Pouting is not permitted in the NBA. A technical foul is called if the player does something unsportsmanlike. Burning buildings and looting is unsportsmanlike. But the rules get changed for minorities who do not like the call the referees made. Burning down a building where people in your community work is not even a personal foul in Ferguson.

If you happen to live in a nation that is south of the border you are not expected to follow the rules of the land you wish to enter. Even more, you will find a judge, or a President, who will change the rules for you to make your law-breaking more acceptable. Poor basketball players still have to follow the rules. Poor human beings do not.

GW Bush called it the soft bigotry of low expectations. I call it grading on the moral curve. Affirmative Morality gives minorities the right to foul. If you are black go ahead and break the rules. It is what is expected of you. Your coaches (Jackson and Sharpton) will encourage you to cuss at the refs. The commissioner (Obama) will justify your antics. Ray Rice lost his career in the NFL for bad behavior.

I coached a bevy of black kids over my coaching career. I never permitted them to use their skin color as an excuse for poor behavior. I taught them that life was hard and it wasn’t fair. Sometimes you had to swallow your pride and work harder. There is no Affirmative Action in the competitive world. Shame on Obama. Shame on Holder. Shame on the black pastors across America who are making excuses for immoral behavior. Shame on them for judging by skin color rather than the content of character.

Fifty years ago last July 2, the greatest transfer of wealth in the history of America took place when the Civil Rights Act of 1964 was signed into law. Before that law was enacted everyone in America played by the same set of rules. Fifty years and 50 trillion dollars later young black males are permitted by our government to live by a different moral code. The thugs in Ferguson act like animals, with the approval of the President, Attorney General, and the pastors.

Yep, Obama has many sons living in Ferguson.

Sunday night from 8:00-11:00 pm I will be discussing this issue with Pastor James David Manning and Mychal Massie on a special Hagmann and Hagmann broadcast. It is time for blackie to stop blaming whitey. It is time for whitey to get over his false white guilt. Affirmative Morality is destroying black Americans.

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