Conservatives’ Crummy Dilemma in MS Senate Race

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Senator Thad Cochran (R-MS)

Senator Thad Cochran (R-MS)

After the Mississippi Supreme Court last week refused to hear MS State Senator Chris McDaniel’s appeal of a lower court’s dismissal of his challenge to the fraud-riddled Republican Senate primary run-off election, conservatives in Mississippi are now bereft of our chosen nominee, Chris McDaniel.  Conservatives and Republicans in this state twice voted as a majority for Chris McDaniel to be our nominee for the Senate.

In the original Republican primary election, Senator McDaniel defeated U.S. Senator Thad Cochran, but he didn’t get the required fifty percent of the vote to avoid a run-off.  After a detestable, slimy—and possibly criminal—run-off campaign undertaken by the desperate Haley Barbour-Thad Cochran machine, Chris McDaniel still got nearly sixty percent of the Republican vote.  But Cochran “won,” because of Democrats voting in the Republican primary run-off, even though many of them had already voted in the earlier Democrat primary election, which is illegal in Mississippi.

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Since last week, many thousands of Chris McDaniel supporters are struggling mightily with how to vote next Tuesday or whether to even vote at all.  After the wicked behavior of Thad Cochran’s campaign in telling detestable lies about Chris McDaniel and his supporters, along with allegations of possible vote buying and other gutter tactics, we are left with a terribly crummy dilemma.  What true conservative would want to vote for Thad Cochran after his reprehensible actions?  So, what do we do?

Before you knee-jerk that we “have no choice” but to vote for Thad Cochran, just give me a few minutes here.

I read an outstanding column by Ryan Walters published Sunday at the Mississippi Conservative Daily.  “Cochran vs. Childers: To Vote, Or Not To Vote: That Is The Question” is truly a must-read for Mississippi conservatives who are still reeling from the Cochran-campaign-from-Hell and the clear collusion in the fraud-laden sham of an election by GOP and state officials at every level.  In his column, Mr. Walters analyzes each voting option available to us:  voting for Thad Cochran, voting for Democrat Travis Childers, voting for third-partier Shawn O’Hara, writing in Chris McDaniel or not voting at all. Beginning with option one, Mr. Walters writes:

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The first option, and the one pushed by the establishment, is for all McDaniel Republicans to let bygones be bygones and be nice little Republicans and support the nominee. Honestly, I’d rather work for a week at an Ebola treatment center without a HAZMAT suit than cast a vote for Thad Cochran. It’s simply unthinkable in my eyes, but certainly an option for many Republican voters, at least those curiously obsessed with taking back the US Senate from Harry Reid and the Democrats.

He then goes on to explain the flaws in this choice.  It is commonly rumored that Thad Cochran will retire and not complete his next term, so a replacement would be appointed by Governor Phil Bryant.  What we would get in that case is another RINO like Cochran, except younger, and he would be much harder to defeat than a newbie Democrat like Travis Childers.

The other choices in this election are to vote for the third party candidate (wasted vote), to write in Chris McDaniel in protest (wasted vote), to not vote (wasted vote) or to vote for the Democrat Travis Childers.  To most conservatives, voting for the Democrat is almost unimaginable.  However, Travis Childers presents himself as a “moderate” Democrat (a rare breed today, if indeed he is one) who has signed a pledge to fight against amnesty for illegal aliens and who supports a balanced budget amendment, although that is fraught with its own problems (see “balanced budget amendment” information here).  When it comes to being conservative, Childers and Cochran could compete with each other—that’s how bad Thad Cochran is.

What about the argument that we simply must vote for Republicans to recapture the Senate?  We can look back at the last time Republicans held the House, the Senate and the presidency.  How did that work out for conservatism, freedom, and a return to constitutional government?  It didn’t.  How about that Republican opposition to every lawless act of the Obama Crime Syndicate and congressional commie Democrats?  You would need an electron microscope just to see even a fleeting, atomic hint of it.  Do you really believe establishment Republicans like Thad Cochran have any intention at all of opposing the evil agenda of the thug administration of Barack Obama (or whatever his name is)?

Of the we-must-support-Republicans-no-matter-what argument, Mr. Walters writes:

Does anyone really think it will be any different this time around? During this election cycle, the GOP has no platform, no agenda, and no ideas to speak of. Amazingly, they are not even running on repealing Obamacare anymore or against the administration plan to bring in as many as 35 million immigrants and put them on the fast track to citizenship. We simply can’t trust them to do anything about this lawless President. So far they’ve done nothing with control of the House and, without a new cast of true conservatives like Chris McDaniel, they won’t do anything with control of the Senate either.

And what about Harry Reid? He seems to be the personification of evil in the US Senate and a target for many Republican campaigns: Let’s rid the Senate of Majority Leader Harry Reid. Childers has promised not to vote for Reid for any leadership position, and although many might argue that he will surely go back on that promise, at least he has taken a public position on it. Has Cochran vowed not to support Mitch McConnell? Is McConnell really that much better than Reid? No, he’s not.

So the bottom line for a Childers vote is this: the only sure way to get rid of Thad Cochran and punish the establishment is to vote for Travis Childers. And in six years, we can replace Childers with a solid conservative.

I can already hear the screeching and derision from Republicans who, out of fear, insist that we have no choice but to vote for Thad Cochran, but I strongly disagree.  Our nation is on the brink of disaster at the hands of communist enemies within, and going with the establishment flow has no chance of stopping them.  Without people like Chris McDaniel replacing RINO fixtures like Thad Cochran, we certainly have no chance.  Sending Thad Cochran back will not stop or even slow down the communist Democrat agenda.  At this late hour, we may not be able to stop it anyway, but at least we would have a better chance of later defeating Democrat Travis Childers than anyone Gov. Bryant might appoint to Cochran’s Senate seat.  What if he appointed former MS Governor Haley Barbour?  We would have no chance of defeating Gov. Barbour later.

I have heard from many Chris McDaniel supporters who intend to vote for Travis Childers (not FOR Childers but AGAINST Cochran).  If every Chris McDaniel supporter voted for Travis Childers, we could defeat Thad Cochran, because we would be adding our votes to the Democrats, including the ones who voted for Cochran in the run-off but who certainly won’t vote for him in the general election.  We could send a clear message to the RINO establishment that the degenerate, sewer campaign by the Barbour-Cochran machine will not stand, will not be rewarded.  This would not be an endorsement of Democrat Travis Childers but a repudiation of the slime and cynicism of Thad Cochran’s campaign (not to mention his big-spending, big-government voting record of 754 years in Washington).

Or, we could just go ahead and send the RINO Cochran back to D.C. to continue his complicity in the destruction of our constitutional Republic.

I say, “Remember Mississippi!”  Say NO to Thad Cochran!

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Gina Miller, a native of Texas and current resident of the Mississippi Gulf Coast, is a radio/television voice professional.
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  • WXRGina

    Before anyone wants to throw a massive flame at me, consider that this race is a very special case, and I would NEVER NORMALLY advocate what I’m suggesting here. Do not underestimate the outrage conservatives in Mississippi feel toward Thad Cochran. We have not seen such despicable tactics from one GOP candidate to another. The kind of crap Cochran’s camp pulled is what we expect from Democrats, not Republicans. Thad Cochran does NOT deserve to be “rewarded” for his-possibly criminal-conduct in the primary run-off.

  • retiredday

    Your article describes the political dilemma we find ourselves in, as society drifts further away from our Biblical roots and falls into line with secularist world views. The basic problem is that as our thinking has changed, traditional institutions such as politics have broken down, unable to function in the context of the new think.

    In her introduction to Saving Leonardo, Nancy Pearcey puts it this way:

    “Of course, people in every age have complained that politics is stained by corruption and wheeler dealing. But today’s disillusionment runs deeper. It is the tragic fruit of a secular worldview, which has decoupled politics from morality.”

    We are how we think. The political picture in Mississippi describes a loss of moral compass that is emblematic of America. That situation won’t be changed by an election or a political party. In the long run, it can only be changed by changing how people think. There’s no quick fix. It took the concerted devotion of secularists a long period of time to get us where we are. We simply must turn around and start the long walk back home. Keep the faith. Love your neighbor. Tell a friend. Teach a child. Let the ripples in the pond do their work.

    • WXRGina

      Amen, Mike.

  • thisoldspouse

    I’ll be voting against our amnesty RINO John Cornyn in Texas because of his treason. Yes, I do believe that drastic measures are needed, even if that entails facilitating the burning down of our Country so it can be rebuilt by sane survivors.

    • WXRGina

      Spouse, here’s a quote attributed to Robert E. Lee:

      “True patriotism sometimes requires of men to act exactly contrary, at one period, to that which it does at another, and the motive which impels them – the desire to do right – is precisely the same . The circumstances which govern their actions change; and their conduct must conform to the new order of things”