Gov. Daugaard Earns ‘C’ in Fiscal Policy

Phil Jensen


CATO_Fiscal_Report_CardThe Cato Institute has released its latest Fiscal Policy Report Card on America’s Governors.

The grade is based on seven items: two spending, one revenue, and four based on tax rates.

Governors who cut taxes and spending most received an “A” and those who increased taxes and spending most received an “F”.

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Some of the more high profile governors included Christie, Brownback, Pence, Cuomo, Jindal, Walker, Perry, and Brown. Cato noticed a trend where some states have changed gears from tax-hiking to tax-cutting, with major cuts passed in North Carolina, Indiana, Wisconsin, New York, Kansas, Ohio, and other states.

Here in South Dakota, we saw the mediocrity we’ve sadly become used to in this “Democrat-lite” style of “Republicanism” offered by the RINOs who lead the Republican Party and the state.

We have a “Republican” governor, Dennis Daugaard, who was Lt. Governor for eight years with RINO Mike Rounds.  We also have a “Republican” supermajority in both the state House (76% “Republican”) and Senate (80% “Repuoblican), yet we have fiscal mediocrity like this.

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Some might say we should consider ourselves lucky. After all, we could have Democrats in charge and we taxpayers could really be gouged.

As grateful as I am for that, I am not one of those people.

My new motto is: ‘Not as bad as a Democrat’ isn’t good enough anymore.

How about you?




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