McConnell’s Govt Shutdown? Don’t Make Me Laugh!

humor_funnyWhen I heard reports this morning that if “Republicans” get control of the Senate they might next year give President Obama the choice of signing responsible bills or allowing him to shut down the government, I laughed.  I didn’t get time to share my thoughts with you, Dear Reader, but I had some.

Now Allahpundit at Hot Air has expresses my thoughts pretty accurately.

Does anyone actually believe this?…

To repeat: Does anyone actually believe this? McConnell was one of the sharpest Republican critics of the “defund” strategy that produced a government shutdown last fall.

What a joke. Mitch McConnell couldn’t win a shadow boxing contest with his own shadow; he’d be too busy surrendering to himself.

Of course, Democrats are already attempting to use it as a tool to fearmonger the election of Republicans (whether those “Republicans” actually stand for Republican values or not). Just like everyone knows the feckless RINOs running things lack the backbone to impeach the Lawbreaker-in-Chief, everyone knows they lack the guts to allow President Obama to shut down the government rather than behave constitutionally. After all, Senator Ted Cruz handed the leadership a golden, winnable opportunity to defund ObamaCare last year…and the “leadership” peed its pants.

In fact, any threat or so-called promise McConnell or anyone else in “Republican” leadership wants to make will be met with laughter from the Democrats. “Republicans” have proved too many times that they have no guts, so why should Democrats take them seriously (for that matter, why should the American people)?

A national Tea Party leader recently asked me whether I and South Dakota Tea Party patriots would support RINO Mike Rounds for the U.S. Senate this year.  After I gave her an earful about the reasons why I didn’t expect Hell to freeze over anytime soon, she asked about the need for “Republicans” to get control of the Senate.

I told her I had no realistic expectation that they’d do anything at all with control of congress, even if we gave it to them. After all, they’d shown absolutely zero signs of having the anatomy to stand up to Barack Obama and the Democrats so far.  The Tea Party handed the U.S. House to “Republicans” in 2010 and what did they do with this gift?  They wasted no time in urinating on it with their worthless “debt deal“, refusing to defund ObamaCare, and trying to shove amnesty down our throats.  And these guys are in charge of their own chamber!  The Senate “Republican” “leadership” has been even worse.

Why should I get excited about the idea of sending to the U.S. Senate a feckless RINO who has proven with his words and deeds that he will betray Republican values at the drop of a hat?  Especially when the feckless squish would be going to join other proven feckless squishes like McConnell and Boehner?

There’s an old principle of stewardship, that when you are entrusted with something, you have to prove yourself worthy of using it wisely before being considered worthy of more or future responsibility. Jokers like Mitch McConnell?  They deserve to be cast into outer darkness.

Allahpundit sums up the idea of Mitch McConnell carrying through on this quite aptly:

It’s the purest nonsense.

Indeed. Like pretty much anything that comes out of the mouth of a “Republican” who has already proven he lacks the testicular fortitude to actually stand firm for conservative principles.

When “Republican” leadership considers it important enough to actually start behaving like Republicans and establishing a record of conservative leadership, let me know. Until then, I’m out of legs to be pulled. Other patriotic Americans and I have been way too serious about trying to save this great nation for way too long to waste our time being impressed by empty promises from a bunch of candy-*** jokers.

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