A Culture That Celebrates Stupidity

Phil Jensen


Bill Whittle’s Firewall today talks about “the struggle for stupidity” in which our culture has been engaged for decades.

He discusses a 1914 sixth-grade reader recently repblished by scifi author Jerry Pournelle (I used to LOVE Pournelle’s books when I was a kid and young man).

The richness of one paragraph from that 1914 sixth-grade book highlights the vast gulf between the comprehension of a 1914 sixth-grader, and a 2014 college student.

Rick Kriebel 2016


We have indeed achieved a level of stupidity in our culture today that is truly astonishing.

Things are so bad, you have people who call themselves “Republicans” (i.e. people we once thought could, by the title, be relied upon to be smarter than the average bear) who can’t (or won’t) glean the meaning of a relatively simple treatise. Don’t forget, this is a group whose political leadership is stupid enough to not only betray its country, but betray its own base as well–all while claiming the “moral high ground.” Indeed, many of these so-called “Republicans” are too stupid to realize that they are cutting off their own noses to spite their own faces.

And if some so-called “Republicans” are this bad, you can only imagine how bad it is for the Democrats and other ideological flotsam and jetsom in our culture.

Woodrow Wilcox


A culture that lauds, celebrates, champions and even seeks stupidity is one not only headed for the ash heap of history, but one rushing toward the cesspool.


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  • Robin

    History repeating itself….what happened in Nazi Germany is happening in the USA right now. Parents need to fall awake.

  • thisoldspouse

    Did I see Bill actually choke back emotion there at the end of his piece? Anyone with true eyes to see our deplorable state will do the same.

  • retiredday

    This is exactly why alternatives to public schools must be supported — private, Christian schools and home-schooling have produced and will continue to produce future leaders, innovators and contributors to society. Fighting ignorance takes work and dedication. We can’t expect the government to do it for us. They are too busy selling soma.