Senator Phil Jensen Wins Recount

South Dakota Senator Phil Jensen

South Dakota Senator Phil Jensen

Despite the “mainstream” media’s attempt to destroy South Dakota Senator Phil Jensen for daring to violate homosexual PC, despite the efforts of RINOs to paint Jensen as a racist, and despite being thrown under the bus by RINO Governor Dennis Daugaard, and despite a very well funded primary opponent, Jensen prevailed in a recount of his primary victory earlier this month.

From the Rapid City Journal:

According to Pennington and Meade county auditors, the recount of ballots from the race gave Jensen 1,232 votes, while Johnson picked up one vote to garner 1,203 votes overall.

The vote count in Meade County wound up exactly the same as the June 3 election, according to the Meade County Auditor’s Office. In Pennington County, Jensen lost two votes, and Johnson lost one vote. Those three votes were lost because the ballots hadn’t been properly stamped by election workers before being used, according to Pennington County Auditor Julie Pearson.

Jensen attended the South Dakota Republican Party Convention in Rapid City last week, where he continued to make strong and “unrepentant” conservative contributions to keep the Republican Party on track with its documented values.

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Good people don’t let bullies intimidate them–even when those bullies are within their own political party–and Phil Jensen is no exception.

Phil will be back in the South Dakota Legislature again next year, working as hard as ever to champion the values that made South Dakota and America great.

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