RedState: Mike Rounds Helped Obama Polish the ObamaCare Turd

A graphical representation of ObamaCare

A graphical representation of ObamaCare

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It seems South Dakota conservatives aren’t the only conservatives who realize what a fraud Mike Rounds is.

RedState published an article yesterday recounting a meeting former South Dakota governor, and current U.S. Senate candidate, Mike Rounds had with President Barack Obama on ways to sell his steaming pile of government health care to the American people.

During the meeting Obama gave the Governors tips on how to sell the federal takeover of health care to our elected legislators. “I think he said what we have to do is not call it rationing, because clearly there is from H.M.O. days a concern about rationing,” remarked Governor Mike Rounds in an interview to the New York Times (Obama Steers Health Debate Out of Capital, 29 Jun 2009).

First off, does anyone seriously believe Barack Obama would invite anyone to meet with him on ObamaCare if he thought they were really opposed to government health care?  Really?  Of course, Obama already knew Rounds was amenable to government control of health care through South Dakota’s Zaniya Project, as well as health care exchange and personal mandate bills offered up in the South Dakota legislature.

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(Incidently, this campaign of duplicity was carried forward by Rounds’ former Lt. Governor Dennis Daugaard and the RINOs who run the South Dakota Legislature).

One might ask why Mike Rounds, a “Republican,” has been so willing to sell out the people of South Dakota, the American people and the U.S. Constitution by only pretending to oppose ObamaCare (while he worked to kill anti-ObamaCare bills in the legislature.  It’s a nice racket: the RINOs secure taxpayer dollars to go into the health care industry, and the health care industry lobbyists in turn fill the pockets of the RINOs with campaign contributions).

As RedState points out:

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One of those Governors was Mike Rounds of South Dakota, who as the head of his own insurance company might have a small interest in drumming up new business.

The RedState article also reminds us that Rounds was appointed to a health care task force on implementing ObamaCare with former Democrat Senator Tom Daschle in 2011:

Our primary purpose is to explore how states can move forward in providing health insurance under the Affordable Care Act. I am delighted to be working with Governor Rounds on this.” (Former Gov. Rounds joins health insurance task force, Rapid City Journal, 11 Feb 2011)

Then RedState asks the question that any and every Republican–any and every conservative, any and every American patriot, any and every person who values freedom, any and every person who respects the U.S. Constitution–should be asking:

What we really need to ask is where are the national conservative groups we give money to? Why do we bother to give money to the Club for Growth, Freedom Works, etc., if they’re just going to let one of Obama’s buddies waltz into a U.S. Senate seat without even trying to stop him in one of the cheapest media markets in the country? The only major national conservative group that has stood up on principle to support the true conservative in the race, Representative Stace Nelson, is the Republican Liberty Caucus. And the Americans for Legal Immigration PAC has also stood up to endorse Stace Nelson. I guess that explains why the Amnesty-supporting Tea Party Express has stayed out of the race, but where is everyone else? Are we really going to let Governor Death Panels just walk into a Senate seat without even trying to stop him? Is this what the Republican Party has come to?

Mike Rounds claiming he’s against government health care doesn’t just have the ring of fraud, it has the smell of BS.

Anyone who votes for, supports or pushes Mike Rounds after knowing about his record is a BS artist like him. Friends don’t let friends drive drunk, and friends don’t let friends be a BS artist without warning them, so make sure your friends know about the real Rounds.


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