South Dakota Also Sees Syphilis Rise

Primary stage syphilis sore (chancre) on the surface of a tongue. (Source: CDC)

Primary stage syphilis sore (chancre) on the surface of a tongue. (Source: CDC)

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I recently discussed a report from the Centers for Disease Control which found a sharp increase in the syphilis rate, and the fact that the increase was driven by homosexual behavior.

As the CDC recently pointed out,

Recent years have shown an accelerated increase in the number of cases, with the largest increases occurring among MSM [Men having Sex with Men].

During that discussion, I also recollected that Rep. Steve Hickey had recently called on medical professionals in South Dakota to come forward and tell the public the truth about the many dangers of homosexual behavior.

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Interestingly, we now see a report from the South Dakota Department of Health, as revealed by WUSA9, that syphilis is also on the rise here in South Dakota.

South Dakota Department of Health officials say the number of syphilis cases reported in the state last year was the most in 44 years.

State epidemiologist Lon Kightlinger labeled as “very disheartening” an annual summary of infectious diseases in South Dakota showing that 48 syphilis cases were reported in 2013.

The article doesn‘t provide any direct information about the demographics of the syphilis sufferers (not surprising, since the “mainstream” media almost always tries to whitewash homosexual behavior), and I couldn’t find any information on this on the South Dakota Department of Health website (of course, the state health department didn’t report much in the way of revealing abortion information until they were compelled by law to do so).

But there are some clues in the article.

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The Sioux Falls cases involve mostly men, and the Corson County cases both men and women. Kightlinger said people coming to Sioux Falls and having anonymous sex are largely responsible for the spread of the disease in the state, and Corson County represents the disease going through a specific population.

Anonymous sex. What sexual demographic is known for being highly promiscuous and having anonymous sex?  Homosexuals.

And of course, this would track with the national trend reported by the CDC.

While Argus Leader “journalist” Patrick Lalley couldn’t fathom a health risk associated with homosexual behavior, today’s article at WUSA9 points out that with regard to syphilis, it “can affect the liver, nervous system and brain, and it can be transmitted by pregnant women to their fetuses.” Since a significant number of those who engage in homosexual behavior are bisexual, they often bring diseases home to a wife or girlfriend and thus cross over into the heterosexual world.

The article mentions that health officials will be looking at funding for dealing with the disease.  If you’re a taxpayer, you’re affected by dangerous homosexual behavior.

Anyone of you liberals ready to apologize to Rep. Hickey yet? Any of you medical professionals tired of following the pop culture herd and ready to tell the truth about the dangers associated with homosexual behavior?


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