South Dakota National Military Appreciation Month

militaryPIERRE, S.D. – At the encouragement of the South Dakota Department of the Military, Gov. Dennis Daugaard has proclaimed May  as “National Military Appreciation Month,” a time  for all to honor, remember, recognize and appreciate those who have served in the past and those now serving, as well as their families.

National Military Appreciation Month includes:  Loyalty Day on May 5, Victory in Europe Day on May 8, Military Spouse Appreciation Day on May 9, Armed Forces Day on May 17 and Memorial Day on May 26.

These days provide an opportunity to learn more about military members and the families who have given of themselves to support and defend the principles we hold dear.

“Let us dedicate this month to honor all of our military men and women and their families and educate the youth of our nation on the historical impact the US military has had for our country,” said Adjutant General Timothy Reisch, Secretary of the South Dakota Department of the Military. “This nation’s veterans and their families have contributed so much to earn and preserve the freedoms we all enjoy.”

For more information, please contact Audry Ricketts with the South Dakota Department of the Military at 605-773-8242 or [email protected].

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