Path to Heal GOP Division is Easy

RINO_AllianceThe Argus Leader is talking about the Minnehaha County GOP “volunteer” effort to challenge to Republican Independent U.S. Senate candidate Gordon Howie’s petitions.

The article contains an interesting quote from Dave Roetman, Chairman of the Minnehaha County GOP:

Even if the challenge comes up short, Roetman said the party has another reason to want the list of people who backed Howie’s candidacy.

“These are folks we need to contact,” Roetman said. “We’re trying to make sure we heal the wounds within the party. If people are disaffected, we like to bring them back around.”

There’s a very easy way to “heal the wounds within the party,” and it’s one that the people causing the division have known about for several years now. How do I know they know the way? Because conservative Republicans–you know, the ones who are committed to pursuing documented Republican goals and values–have been telling them how to fix the division for years.

(Hint: BS’ing people, or saying one thing and doing another, isn’t it.)

In short, it’s really quite simple: liberal “Republicans” need to stop urinating on conservatives and on the documented principles and goals of the party they have chosen to align themselves with, stop helping Democrats fight conservatism and advance liberalism, and get with the program.

Want to “bring people back around” who have been urinated on by the liberal GOP establishment?  Quit urinating on them and their values.

Woodrow Wilcox


That’s all they have to do to heal the division in the GOP.

That, or join the liberal party of record that is apparently better suited to their liberal values.


Stopping shoving liberal sellout candidates down our throats with all the establishment money and backing would be a good move in the right direction, too.

When they’re ready to do that, they can let us know.  Until then, the rest of us will be busy pursuing the documented goals of the Republican Party--and opposing those who oppose Republican values–whether they’re willing to cooperate with advancing the party’s goals or not.

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