The New Fascism of the Left

fascismThere is a new wave of fascism afoot worldwide, and it is already aflame in America.

When we speak of fascists and fascism, Nazi Germany usually comes to mind. We think of police states where dissent is crushed by the government and everyone is expected to sing the same tune and toe the line or else.

We haven’t totally reached the stage in America yet where government brutally crushes any statement contrary to the approved line (though Canada is fully there now).

But we are close, especially when homosexual activists are allowed to leverage the power of government to force people to participate in politically correct activities even if they violate religious freedom…when people are forced to pay for goods and services they consider immoral….when people aren’t even allowed to say anything positive about marriage and family.

And it isn’t just Democrats who are carrying out the new fascism, but also liberal “Republicans” who, like silly children without a backbone, join in the campaign against American values and those who champion them. Even some “Republicans” are now as quick to employ the “race card” against conservatives as Democrats.

Two diametrically opposed value systems cannot coexist alongside one another. One will naturally dominate and subdue the other. American values have a Judeo-Christian foundation and are expressed in freedom of speech, freedom of religion, preserving family, upholding public morality, and protecting these values. The Left’s “values” are Marxist in nature, God-hating, hedonistic, willing and eager to brutally crush any contrary view. The two cannot coexist.

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America, if you want to keep the hard-earned freedom of speech and freedom of religion that our forefathers fought and died for, NOW is the time to speak up and get active in this war on American values.

And make no mistake: the Left HAS declared war on American value. It’s no joke. It’s no game. It’s no friendly disagreement. It is war.


Fight…or be prepared to be subjugated.

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