Gun Rights Info for South Dakota Dist. 35 Voters

Phil Jensen


Dist_35_gun_surveyI received a letter today from the National Association for Gun Rights concerning a candidate survey for South Dakota District 35 House candidates.

You can read part of the letter (that I scanned) here.

District 35 happens to be my district, so I was extra appreciative of the information.

Rick Kriebel 2016


As you can see in the letter, incumbent Rep. Chip Campbell completed his gun rights survey 100% pro-gun. Not surprising, since I know Chip and know that he is one of the very best solid conservative Republicans (two words that should be redundant when used together) in the South Dakota legislature.

Fresh candidate Lynne DiSanto, whom I interviewed some months back about her candidacy, also answered the survey 100% pro-gun.

Pennington County Commissioner Nancy Trautman, a late-comer candidate for Dist. 35 House, didn’t answer the survey, however. So we don’t know what she thinks of protecting Second Amendment rights.  Actually, maybe we do. Typically, candidates who refuse to answer issue surveys have something to hide. In other words, they typically don’t want people to know about their liberal leanings because they know that most Americans don’t share liberal beliefs.

Woodrow Wilcox


I haven’t gotten around to interviewing Nancy Trautman yet, but I plan to in the next couple of weeks. When I interview candidates, by the end of the interview, it usually becomes pretty clear whether we’re dealing with a dodgy liberal or a conservative who can be counted on to uphold documented Republican values. So I look forward to finding out more, and will pass along to you what I learn.



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