How Dumb Are ‘Mainstream’ Republican Leaders?

Bill Napoli

Bill Napoli

How damn dumb are these “Mainstream Republican” leaders?

You are all aware of the local (Pennington County) Register Of Deeds race between Donna Mayer and Jordan Mason. Do you know the rest of the story?

Donna Mayer came here from North Dakota, Claimed she was a register of deeds there, ran for register of deeds office in a controversial special election, won the election, and has run this office for 14 years.

Jordan Mason is a life long Rapid City resident, an honored Navy Veteran, a Magna Cum-lade, graduate of School Of Mines with a math degree, and is a former Rapid City Councilman.

Here is the story. Since Mason announced his candidacy for Register of Deeds his opponent, and the “Mainstream Republicans” have attacked, slandered, demeaned, and verbally assaulted him at every opportunity.

I have witnessed several of these verbal assaults, and it wasn’t pretty. At a recent Republican Women luncheon, Mason was treated so shabby, it even embarrassed some of their own members.

Woodrow Wilcox


The “Mainstream Republican” leadership has performed this demeaning strategy before. Attacking fellow Republicans they feel are a threat. They then work to drive those who don’t meet their standards from the party, much less allow any future attempt for them to run for office again.

How damn dumb are these people? Would it not be wiser to reach out to these candidates like Jordan Mason and other young energetic candidates who don’t fit “Their Candidate Mold”? Get to know them, help them get focused, and get them on board with the party for future political races? The long time motto still seems to reign: “Republicans Eat Their Young”. Or, “You can’t run for this office, you haven’t carried enough water for the elephant”. How ridiculous, but so true.


Instead, these powerful political hacks have driven Jordan Mason right out of the party, thus depriving themselves of a future, very hard working, high energy candidate.

Wait! These “Mainstream Republicans” already have their stellar candidates now, Right? Rep.Gosch, sues his own constituent. Rep. Lust, who kicks his fellow Republican legislators out of the Republican caucus. Yep, great (approved) Republican Leaders.

These “Republican leaders” do not realize by their constant attacks to deprive other elected officials, or potential candidates from being included into the exclusive Republican party, they are consequently depriving themselves and constituents a wealth of talent for future races. How smart is that? It is no wonder the Independent Voter registrations are climbing higher each year.

South Dakota Senator Bill Napoli (Retired)

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