Ageless Maxims Remain

mic_fMom used to say, “the truth hurts.”  She also used to advise that “actions speak louder than words.” Couple those ageless tenets with a Confucius offering that, “a man simply cannot conceal himself” and viola, the story of Cliven Bundy becomes enriched even further when such wisdom is again validated.

In this media heightened age of information, the many personalities which we have come to respect are beginning to trip over their own importance.  Digress I must for a step back is essential.

Consider the “doctor,” Rush Limbaugh.  His falsehoods are immediate as he identifies himself as the “doctor of democracy.”  I suppose that appeal won out over the “doctor of a Constitutional Republic,” but still, his boasting of nearly always being right appears in jeopardy as the word “democracy” remains a non Constitutional factor.

One of my favorite, Mark Levin, is becoming another questionable mouthpiece as his most recent work, The Liberty Amendments, is based upon an oxymoronic hoax.  Are we to trust our liberty to the integrity of the lesser State politicians?  Is Levin’s premise equating this be our fail safe?  Certainly he is aware of the genuflecting of various State legislatures over the anticipated revenue from legalizing marijuana!  While “a sucker is born every day” still applies, Mr. Levin’s expectation of “fooling all the people all the time,” is at best egotistical and at worst, intentionally sinister.

And now, onto that “great American,” Sean Hannity.  This is a man who has elevated himself from a dishwasher, wall paper hanger and bartender to a pontificator and defender of the American way.  He often remarks that he “has been blessed.”  However, his recent performance, with regards to his championing of Cliven Bundy produced his own undressing of sorts.

This Nevada episode contains many worthwhile lessons.  Contrary to all the self praise and back slapping of our conservative talkers, Hannity’s on screen performance, coupled with the onsite shenanigans of Washington’s, is a lesson well worth learning.  Personal reversals and abuse of power are always hard to spin.  Just ask former Presidential candidate John Kerry, or for that matter, Mr. Randy Weaver.

In recent years and with growing regularity, Washington’s lawlessness sets off alarms for many.  Along with the unconstitutional monstrosities of the Patriot Act and Obamacare, the fact that our federal government owns over eighty percent of Nevada land is undeniable and unjustified.  If nothing else, this confrontation served to register this fact with many of our citizens.

In true sensationalizing fashion, Hannity and Fox News immediately jumped onto the Cliven Bundy bandwagon.  Whether spurred by the lure of a David versus Goliath battle or from the assumed notoriety gained by defending State rights verses federal abuse, Hannity’s coverage was pro Bundy.  That is until the politician’s holy grail was mentioned.

All Mr. Bundy had to do, long after the confrontation subsided and most of the limited news coverage returned East, was to voice his personal wonderings about the plight of fellow Americans who happened to be “negro.”  Whoops!  Hannity’s instant pirouette was revealing and informing, certainly by Confucius’ perspective, but at the same time embarrassing for the Hannity faithful.

In one fell swoop of a statement, all respect and subsequent support for the beleaguered rancher dissipated.  However, what really took place?

Mr. Bundy offered his own personal wondering, a questioning of whether this federal behemoth is truly benign with its various handouts or is it just another form of sinister control?  As his statement, “as I’ve often wondered” illustrates, it was simply a personal thought which was based in concern and caring.  However, once the racist gauntlet is introduced, all connections with said racist must end.

What was on display harkened back to advice from my dear mother; “actions speak louder than words.”  Hannity’s turn was monumental and shameful yet, it provided a rare glimpse into the inner workings and priorities of these “fair and balanced” presentations.

Mr. Bundy’s private thoughts do not detract one iota from what took place on his ranch or to the principles for which he defended.  To be expected, the main stream’s late participation was and is politically motivated.  Sadly, that motivation seems to now include a self-appointed “great American” who in the end, “simply” could not “conceal himself.”

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