Gordon Howie Filing Over 5,000 Petitions for U.S. Senate


April 28, 2014

In just over 2 weeks, more than 5,000 supporters have signed my petitions to run for US Senate.

Voters are looking for a candidate of principle.  If Mike Rounds manages to slip through the primary with his big campaign war chest, he is in for a surprise from the people of South Dakota.

Mike Rounds was Governor during the 6 years I served in the State House, and the State Senate.

The record shows that I opposed his “revenue enhancements” (tax increases).

Woodrow Wilcox


The record shows that I was the only Republican Senator who voted against his budget in 2010, because it continued to spend more money and make government bigger.

The record shows that I introduced the Health Care Freedom Act to stop Obamacare in South Dakota, and that Governor Rounds sent his staff out to twist arms to kill it.



Our coalition of Pro gun, Tea Party, Family values and fiscal conservative voters can win.  I believe we will win.  South Dakotans will not have to hold their nose and vote for a government-growing candidate who will cave and compromise.

On tax increases, expanding the budget, and Obamacare, the record will show that I have stood on principle.  Voters can depend on me to fight against government-growing politicians in both parties.

The claim by Mike Rounds that he is a “conservative Republican” has been openly debunked by the Senate Conservative Fund and other conservative organizations because of his tax and spend, government-growing policies. Voters and conservative organizations are ready to provide large support for a genuine conservative.  If Rounds survives the Republican primary, voters would have to choose between three liberal-minded, big government candidates.  By filing these petitions today, we are giving conservative Republicans, Independents, Libertarians, and yes, conservative Democrats as well a real choice in November.


Gordon Howie

[email protected]

P.O. Box 866

Rapid City, SD 57709

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