Removing the Blinders From Lady Justice

Lady_JusticeJustice is supposed to be blind.  Not blind as in the inability to see.  But blind in the sense that justice is the same for everyone, regardless of personal bias’ or societal standing.

In fact, blindness is demanded so that the innocent can be protected.

That is the purpose of law, you know.  To protect the weak and innocent.  The rich and politically-connected count on Lady Justice peeking out from under her blindfold.  When justice can be influenced by the rich, or pressured by the powerful, then justice is no longer blind.

The scales Lady Justice holds are useless if her decision is based upon who puts the most coins in the scales.  We don’t want justice to be blind.  We want justice to be just.

Just is defined as “treating people in a way that is moral or good.”  All law is based on morality.  To remove morality from law is to make the law lawless.

Justice matters to the Lord.  It used to matter to America.  Because Lady Justice has removed her blindfold the weak and innocent struggle to find justice in our courts.  No group has been preyed upon more by the powerful than little innocent unborn baby boys and girls.

Woodrow Wilcox


This is not as simple as calling a judge an originalist or a progressive.   There is no legal ideology that can declare murder to be just.   There is, however, an ideology that declares some people more human than others.  Justice is not supposed to have a point of view or politically ideology.  It should be blind.

The United States Supreme Court once declared that a woman had no right to vote.  Another SCOTUS declared a black man to be 3/5ths of a human being.  Those were not moral decisions, they were immoral ones.  Most decisions based on politics are immoral.


That is the way ideology has always worked.  The progressives know that they cannot legalize the murder of a human being so they merely change the meaning of the term human being.   Negroes weren’t humans.  Women weren’t humans.  The Nazi’s declared Jews weren’t human.  Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood, called blacks “human weeds.”   The Roe Court declared unborn babies weren’t human either.

Simple.  Murder isn’t murder if the victim isn’t human.  Even Dr. Seuss knew better than that.

“A Who is a Who know matter how small.”

The Supreme Court of the State of Alabama just threw a bucket of truth into the justice system.  By a vote of 8-1 the Court ruled that an unborn baby has the same rights as his/her born fellow citizens.   To anyone honest enough to admit the truth, this has been obvious for four decades.  Of course a pre-born child is human.  Finally, the highest court in the state of Alabama has decreed it so.  Read about it here.

Lady Justice put her blindfold back on in Alabama and declared that ALL people, born and unborn, are the created with God-endowed rights.  Unalienable.  No one can take them away.  Not a mother.  Not a doctor.  Not a terrorist in a black robe.  All Natural Rights come from God.  No man, and certainly no court, can legally take them away.

That, my friends, is blind justice.  No amount of political lobbying can change the fact that abortion has been struck a damaging blow in America.  A Who is a Who no matter how small.

Oh, I am sure that the decision will be appealed.  I am sure God-haters Kagan, Sotomayor, Ginsburg, and Breyer will bellow about a “woman’s rights.”  But it will be fun to watch the legal gymnastics that they will have to perform to over-ride the Alabama Court’s well-reasoned decision and attempt to grant the “right” of a women to usurp  another human’s unalienable right to life.

The abortion laws in America are schizophrenic.  “Wanted” babies are protected, un-wanted babies are not.  Scott Peterson is on death row for killing his pre-born baby.  If your negligent driving causes the death of a woman’s pre-born baby you will be charged with homicide.  If a father chooses to kill his pre-born child he is a murderer, if his wife chooses to murder it she is guilty of  “choice.”    A dead baby is a dead baby.  Calling it a “fetus” does not change that fact.  Too often our courts have created  “situational-humans.”  The Alabama decision restores dignity and rights to the pre-born.

The concurrent opinion by Chief Justice Roy Moore (remember him?), who once fought the state over the display of the Ten Commandments, says: “As stated by James Wilson, one of the first justices on the United States Supreme Court: ‘Human law must rest its authority ultimately upon the authority of that law which is divine.’”  Moore noted the “first right listed in the Declaration as among our unalienable rights is the right to ‘Life.’

“Blackstone wrote that ‘[l]ife is the immediate gift of God, a right inherent by nature in every individual; and it begins in contemplation of law as soon as an infant is able to stir in the mother’s womb,'” he wrote.

“We … hold that the use of the word ‘child’ in the chemical-endangerment statute includes all children, born and unborn, and furthers Alabama’s policy of protecting life from the earliest stages of development,” the majority opinion said.

The case dealt with a woman, Sarah Janie Hicks, who was charged after her newborn tested positive for drugs. She had pleaded guilty to a count of violating Alabama’s chemical-endangerment statute. Her conviction was affirmed.  You cannot legally poison an unborn baby with drugs.  Even if you call it a fetus.

I saw recently that Hillary Clinton is going to be a Grandma.  I wonder how she would feel about Chelsea killing the baby.  In announcing the good news Chelsea called the child a “baby.”  So did her mother.  I thought it was a fetus?  I guess fetus is the word you use when you want to kill another woman’s grandbaby.

Long live the Supreme court of Alabama.  Justice serves best when justice is blind.  A Who is a Who no matter how small…so says the Supreme Court of Alabama.

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