What If Satan Is Real?

"Satan before the Lord" by Corrado Giaquinto

“Satan before the Lord” by Corrado Giaquinto

Do you believe in God?

I suppose that is a good place to start.  Most Americans do.  Nearly 93% of Americans believe in some type of “higher power.”   The United States has the highest population of self-identified Christians in the world, nearly 250 million.  That is 78% of Americans who identify themselves as believers in the Christian God.

“Believe in” is a nebulous term.  “Believing in God” does not make one a Christian.  But that is a whole other debate…

But the point is, there is a vast majority of Americans who have been raised with some form of “religious” indoctrination.  That is a good thing.  The “seeds of faith” are still at work in America.

But if 78% of Americans  believe in the Christian God why do so few believe in the Devil?

What if Satan is real?  Not “was” real, but is…currently…right now…presently.  What if Satan is real?

Woodrow Wilcox


Some Barna research from a few years ago unearthed some enlightening results.

  • Only 40% of Americans believe in a literal hell.
  • 76% believe in a literal heaven and 62% believe they are going there.
  • While over 90% believe in God only 40% believe the Devil is real.
  • 80% of Christians believe in angels, but only 42% believe in demons.
  • Only 58% believe the Holy Spirit is alive and active.

What was it doubting Thomas said….”unless I see I cannot believe.”   I guess he was a forerunner to modern Christianity…if I can’t see it then it ain’t real.



What if Satan is real?

Is it just me or does it seem that Christians like to pick and choose what parts of the Bible they will believe?  No wonder we are in such a mess.

Before I continue, in the interest of full disclosure, I never went to cemetery and I am not a learned theologian.  Most of my education was in the School of the Wilderness.  But I can think and I can read.  Most of my sense is “horse sense,” as they used to call it.  Common sense ain’t so common anymore.

But I do believe that the Holy Spirit is alive and active in the life of a true believer.  The Bible tells us that it is the Holy Spirit that guides us unto all truth.  I’d rather trust Him than Rick Warren…or some pastor…or a Doctor…or peer reviewed scientist…or Bill O’Reilly.

Did you know that :

  • The Bible mentions the Devil or Satan by name over 100 times.
  • The word demon is mentioned over 70 times.
  • Demons are identified as “fallen angels” a third of which were cast out of heaven with Satan.

If you believe in a literal God then there is a literal Devil.  If angels are real then so are demons.

At least 1/3 of the original angels work for Satan.  What do demons do?

  • They take control of bodies.
  • They are described as unclean spirits, evil spirits, and lying spirits.
  • They do Satan’s bidding to destroy the works of God and hinder His people.
  • They are identified as evil spirits in high places, principalities and powers, rulers of darkness.
  • They deceive the world, promote false doctrine, and combat the holy angels.

What if Satan is Real?

Jesus encountered demons in the world.

  • He drove them out of people who were under their influence.
  • He demonstrated His power over them by commanding they obey Him.
  • The demons recognized Him and feared Him.
  • He gave His followers the power to tread on them and all of the power of the enemy.
  • The demons are defeated.  Jesus came to destroy the works of the Devil.  Demons do his work.

What if Satan is Real?

Spirits influence human beings.

  • They enter through the physical senses especially the eye and ear which open “gates.”
  • They have a voice.  “My sheep hear my voice and another voice they will not hear.”
  • The Bible blames them for causing people to engage in violence, lying, seizures, eating disorders, sexual sins, and madness.  Sin opens gates to the influence of demons.
  • Once “driven out” they can return even stronger if one returns to old behaviors.
  • Demonic influences can be generational.  The sins of the father pass to the children.
  • Jesus died to give us victory over demonic influences.
  • Their power is through deception…making things appear good that ultimately enslave.

What if much of the behavior we see in America is the result of demonic influences?  What if our young children are being given “medication” in schools to combat the demonic spirits?   What if pornography was “opening the gate” to sexual sins including child molestations, and gender confusions?  What if the leaders of our government were controlled by demonic spirits for power and manipulation?  What if the answers to ALL of the problems facing this nation were not political but were spiritual?  What if no one ever told you about the demonic?

The first lie mentioned in the Bible was a statement uttered by the Father of Lies. “Did God really say?  You will not die.  The greatest lie Satan could ever convince us of is that he didn’t exist.

I know…I know…fantasy and make believe.  The Devil isn’t dressed in red and he doesn’t carry a pitchfork.  The Devil is nothing more than a make-believe foe for the religiously deceived.

There is no God.  There is no right and wrong.  There is no absolute truth. There is no Judgment Day.  There is a separation between morality and state.  All scientists can be trusted.  Government is honest. Judges are always right.  Religion and politics don’t mix.  If it feels good do it.  Everyone goes to heaven.  There is no hell.  Obama is Christian. We all serve the same God.  Coach Dave is full of crap…

Did God. Really say?  Is the Bible really true?  What if there really is a spiritual battle for control of the natural world?  What if the spiritual world really does control the earth?  Would you act differently if you truly understood  how the spiritual realm functioned?

What if Satan is real?

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