U.S. Senate Candidate Stace Nelson on Illegal Immigration

While some candidates run their mouths, South Dakota Rep. and U.S. Senate Candidate Stace Nelson acts. While some candidates claim to be conservative while betraying conservative principles, South Dakota Rep. and U.S. Senate Candidate Stace Nelson supports and seeks to advance conservative principles.

HCR 1016 was one of the latest bills in the “Republican” supermajority legislature (76% “Republican”) which sought to deal with the problem of illegal immigration. It was one of the latest such bills…to die in the “Republican” supermajority legislature.

It did manage to pass the South Dakota House 42-27, where “Republican” leaders such as Majority Leader David Lust and Assistant Majority Leader Justin Cronin voted against it.

It died, however, in the South Dakota Senate (where “Republicans” have an 80% majority) in a 16-18 vote, where you had “Republican” leaders such as Majority Leader Tim Rave and Assistant Majority Leader Dan Lederman (as well as other “Republicans” like Deb Soholt, Deb Peters (whom “Republican” Governor Dennis Daugaard endorsed in the 2012 primary), and Craig Tieszen vote against it.

So while some “Republicans” want to wear the title of “conservative” and claim unto themselves what comes with it without actually doing the heavy lifting of being a conservative, Stace Nelson puts his money where his mouth is and promotes conservative goals.

We’ve had plenty of “Republicans” in congress who talk conservative but then wimp out when it comes to advancing conservative goals (or even sell out to liberals).  Status quo isn’t going to cut it.  Status quo is sending our nation over a cliff. Playing Mr. Nice Guy with the Leftists who are intent on ripping our country apart is a loser’s game. We don’t need any more of that.

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We need a real conservative who has proven they will walk the walk, will fight the fight, will go against their own corrupt leadership if need be, and knock over some tables and applecarts.

In the U.S. Senate race for South Dakota, that proven conservative is Stace Nelson.



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