Free Speech, Under the Homosexual Boot

Peter LaBarbera of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality and Canadian pro-family activist Bill Whatcott were recently arrested in Regina, Saskatchewan for telling the truth about homosexual behavior and abortion. How’s that for the “open mindedness” and “academic freedom” that universities always crow about?

Though the “open minded” students at the University of Regina may have cheered the death of free speech under the boot of homosexual activism, apparently some in Canada still appreciate how chilling and tyrannical this is.

Brian Lilly of the Toronto Sun has strongly denounced this tyranny, and is featured in the video below.

So you can see how it went down for yourself, the video of the arrest is in the upper left corner here. No violence. No bullying. No yelling and screaming. No cursing and profanity. No resisting arrest. Just two men peacefully sharing the truth about two behaviors that are damaging and destructive to both the body and the soul.

And they were arrested for it.

Lest you Americans think you can sit back and tisk, tisk and feel save, it’s already coming to America–and it’s been coming for a long time.. In ColoradoWashingtonOregon, and New Mexico, Christian business owners are ALREADY having the power of government leveraged against them to force them to facilitate the homosexual agenda.

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Apparently even some “Republicans” (i.e. members of what was once the party known for upholding traditional values and defending freedom) like South Dakota Governor Dennis Daugaard don’t think freedom is threatened by homosexual activists, who aren’t willing to protect our freedom, and are willing to throw under the bus those who do want to protect freedom. That kind of betrayal would be despicable enough for a Democrat, much less someone who calls themselves a Republican.

If you value your freedom of speech and religious freedom, you had better stand with those who are already being demonized for standing for freedom, and push back this tyranny before it’s too late.


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