Stace Nelson for U.S. Senate Meet & Greet

U.S. Senate Candidate Stace Nelson

U.S. Senate Candidate Stace Nelson

Tonchi Weaver of Citizens for Liberty and Gordon Howie of Life and Liberty in Rapid City held a meet-and-greet fundraiser for South Dakota Representative and U.S. Senate Candidate Stace Nelson tonight.

Howie, a Republican who has announced he may run as an independent in the general election this year, said that the only reason he is preparing to get into the U.S. Senate race is just in case former governor Mike Rounds prevails in the Republican primary; Mike Rounds’ liberal record as governor has completely turned off many Republicans like Howie. Howie said that he still supports Nelson in the Republican primary and will drop out of the race if Nelson wins the Republican primary.

Nelson spoke to the crowd in Rapid City tonight and said that the reason he was running for U.S. Senate was the same reason he had served in the U.S. Navy and NCIS for over two decades: love of country.

Nelson said that our nation’s out-of-control spending had placed the country in severe financial jeopardy, and the uncontrolled growth in government threatened our liberties.

Nelson contrasted his record with that of his opponents, primarily former governor Mike Rounds and South Dakota Senator Larry Rhoden, stating that while he had fought for fiscal restraint, Rounds and Rhoden had voted for many tax increases and had increased the size of state government.  Rounds also left office with a legacy of a $127 million structural deficit. Nelson made the case that such a person is not the best choice to rein in runaway spending in Washington D.C.

Nelson said it was embarrassing the way Rounds had bragged about wanting to raise $9 million for his campaign, with most of that money coming from outside the state of South Dakota. Nelson said that while he was operating his campaign on a shoestring budget, the vast majority of his contributions were coming from South Dakotans, within the state rather than outside special interest group money.

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Nelson also made mention of how many people said Rounds’ performance in Saturday’s debate was lackluster, and the fact that Rounds suddenly canceled his appearance at a candidate forum.

Nelson is traveling the state meeting with voters and rasing support. He said he will be back in Rapid City again in about two weeks.


***VIDEO of Nelson’s speech to be available here shortly…

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    Right time right place! South Dakota needs Stace!