Lora Hubbel on Dennis Daugaard

Lora Hubbel

Lora Hubbel

The Rapid City Journal today features five questions with South Dakota Gubernatorial Candidate Lora Hubbel.

Here are a couple which highlight the deficiencies of the current governor, Dennis Daugaard.

Q: What do you see as the big differences between you and Gov. Daugaard?

A: Well, it’s probably about 180 degrees different. He is actually implementing “Obamacare,” and I have the proof right here if you want to see it, and he says he’s not and yet to get grant money he actually says he is. Senate Bill 38 was a big push that he had and that, according to his own documents, was the foundation to bring in the health care exchanges — you know, the ones we don’t have. I’ll show where we do have them here though [Hubbel points to a pile of documents]. South Dakota was only one of two states that have not legislated their exchanges but an exchange doesn’t have to be by the Legislature, it can be by executive order and through the executive department, and I think that’s how we got ours, through policy … You see, I don’t want Obamacare. According to Tom Daschle’s book, the states have a lot of power in the success of Obamacare. If they resist it, it could fail. That’s what Tom Daschle — one of the architects of Obamacare — that’s what he said, and we’re not resisting it. We’re taking all the Obamacare money we can possibly get and we’re implementing all the pieces of it that we can possibly do because that money comes with mandates.


Q: What do you see as the big questions that remain unanswered about the EB-5 program?

A: I want to see the death investigation of Richard Benda. I want to see where the money is, where did all that money go? We have Chinese nationals, Communist Chinese nationals, who are out $500,000 each. And Chinese don’t own their own money like we do. It’s not a capitalist society like we have. It’s a communist society. That is not their money, they rent, basically, their money from the government. Where did that money go? What’s going to happen to those, what, 90 Korean and Chinese nationals now that are out $500,000 each? They’re going to be a little bit upset. What’s going on with that? I think his office of economic development is just a big playroom for money. Remember Donald Duck when he went to his room of gold and just tossed money around? That’s the visual I get when I think of the Governor’s Office of Economic Development. They go their with their friends, they think South Dakota is just this huge monopoly board and they can just pretend they’re Donald Trump with Chinese and taxpayer money. What happens in the end? We get failed businesses.

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