Leftist Liars: A Piece of Work

As Hot Air says, this is must-see TV! Greta van Susteren executes an epic takedown of a Lefist liar and his lies.

Democrat Mike Dickenson is running against Republican Eric Cantor in Virginia. He hates Fox News, he hates the Tea Party…and Greta turns all his lies and accusations back on him and reveals him for the hypocritical liar that he is. Watch the video.

If all (or even half) of the media began to confront the lies, distortions, misrepresentations, propaganda and outright BS heaped by the Left, liberalism in America would be essentially dead as a political force within six months to a year.

The only reason it thrives right now is the (a) silence of people who know better and (b) the complicity in the deception by the “mainstream” media. If the truth was shown like this to the distracted American people on a daily basis, our nation would be back on course and steaming ahead within a year.

We’ll probably never see the “mainstream” media repent of their propaganda and deception and start doing this in our lifetimes.

But the American people can certainly do it. We know are aware of what’s going on can confront these liars (in both parties) like this at every opportunity: when they speak in public, when they hold press conferences, when they hold town hall meetings, in candidate forums, in letters to the editor, and anywhere that comes to mind.

Woodrow Wilcox


For the sake of the entire country, we need to expose them to those who aren’t paying attention.

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