Billy Blackstone and the Christian Underdog


“Underdog…I wince every time I say the word… especially in connection with Jesus.

Yet, as I read the birth stories about Jesus, I cannot help but conclude that, although the world may be tilted towards the rich and powerful, God, in his mercy, is tilted towards the underdog!”

Our leaders are unlawful, the social landscape is in a state of decay, and half the country is oblivious…. Welcome to America in the year 2014!

It’s no wonder that today’s Christian feels less at home here than at any other time in the history of our nation. We are swiftly becoming a silenced minority. It wasn’t always this way; in fact, it actually started out pretty well….

The Eighteenth Century English Jurist, Sir William Blackstone, considered to be one of the most influential and highly regarded intellectual thinkers, was first and foremost, a zealous Christian. Blackstone, a legal scholar, and Law Professor at Oxford, rightly understood how, “No enactment of man can be considered law unless it confirms to the law of God.”

Blackstone’s ‘Commentaries on the law of England’ had a profound effect on our Founding Founders and would shape our Declaration of Independence and Constitution (and serve as the ideological foundation for American Law). Sir William was the most prominent facilitator of the democratic system of government and has been rightly acknowledged by many as the ‘Father of Democracy.’ We owe to him more than a fair amount of acknowledgement and gratitude, for were it not for his conceptual understanding of a just society founded on Biblical principle and moral law, our republic could not stand.

Liberty, freedom, and prosperity in America would have never been realized were it not for his Godly wisdom and practical insight. Blackstone understood the relationship between God and humanity; that a healthy society is one that recognizes God’s perfect design and ‘hand in all things’ with reverential reflection and an inclination toward moral obedience. Without this foundation, America’s time would have been short.

Woodrow Wilcox


To merely take our religious, Judeo-Christian roots for granted, and assume a more progressive foundation would have reaped similar results, is nothing but the blind ignorance of an anti-faith bias. A bias that wants to reap the benefits of a Godly foundation but remain outside the Creator, whose wise counsel and natural connection to His creation is the sole cause of America’s growth and preservation.

Today, we’d rather go it alone. A godless implosion will occur, much quicker than we would dare consider, if we proceed down this path.


In his piece, “Blackstone in America,” Greg Bailey describes how Sir William, “saw nothing wrong with restricting the vote to property owners because he thought those without property would have too little interest in public affairs and would be easily mislead. He abhorred the very idea of slavery in England (‘indeed it is repugnant to reason, and to the principles of natural law,’) declaring that anyone brought in slavery to England was immediately freed…He flatly declared that ‘Christianity is part of the laws of England’ but stated that the law of England ‘gives liberty, rightly understood, that is, protection to a jew, turk, or a heathen, as well as to those who profess the true religion of Christ.”

It often seems that one person’s freedom is another person’s bondage in our divided culture of today.

When we citizens, and our elected officials, come to together to chart our future direction – considering the ideological impasse – it seems we should split the difference by dividing the nation in half.

But why must the adherents of the firm foundation acquiesce to those who have bought into the Secular-Marxist social experiment?

Let their brand of godless-socialist-rule destroy another nation. Faux conservatives, radical progressives (and everything in between) should find a different land to assault and stop messing with the home of our free and brave fathers. A faithful and silenced Christian community needn’t despair, however. A true kingdom is in the world to come.

We may lose our societal comforts to those powers who embrace, promote, authorize, legislate and mandate secular social ideals, but their loss is our gain…not in this life, but surely the next…..

The world has plans for my demise

 But what they don’t see

 Is that a winner is not judged

 By stature or size

 But by their Substitute……

 And mine’s already won

America Lost

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