Attacked by Tolerance

Attacked_by_ToleranceYeah, exactly.

Typical liberal Orwellian setting when “tolerance” attacks people, but that’s the odd reality in which we now live.

Conservatives always knew the “tolerance” movement was bogus on an Orwellian scale, but it really reared its head and became obvious in the wake of California’s Proposition 8 passage of a constitutional amendment to protect marriage from homosexual activists.

I learned of a great video at BarbWire which catalogs just a little slice of the “intolerance of the ‘tolerant'” and you should check it out (below). It was put together by TFP (Tradition, Family, and Property) Student Action.

To be informed is to be armed to fight the lies and the devices of the Left.

Once you understand the truth, the arguments and the behavior, you just have to shake your head that the Left views asserting the truth that humanity has known for thousands of years (that homosexual behavior is immoral and aberrant, and that marriage is formed by a man and woman) as “extremist” and “intolerant”, while sodomy and attacking peaceful people is considered normal and acceptable.

Woodrow Wilcox


It’s very clear from what realm this kind of “thinking” comes. How very sad. My prayer is that someday, before it is eternally too late, they will realize their error and repent. Then it will be possible for some of the years that the locust has eaten to be reclaimed in their lives.

Incidentally, this kind of lawless behavior is illustrative of the same kind of lawlessness they seek to wreak across American society.  Good people cannot stand idly by and allow either kind to continue.


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  • Uncontrollable rage! I truly believe that these people are under the control of the demon spirit that they had invited in. The masked bigot sounds exactly like my three-year-old grandson when he throws a fit because he did not get his way (and for which he is disciplined). It all underscores the contention made here many times, that most homosexuals are unhappy people, filled with self-hate and many mental health issues.

    • My thoughts were similar while watching this video.

      Good to hear from you, Dr. Theo. It’s been a while. I’ve been busy and I’m sure you have been, too. I hope all is well with you.

    • thisoldspouse

      Most of them are also emotionally, developmentally arrested in a very juvenile state. Both homosexuals that I have as friends have very troublesome anger and control problems, so much so that they “require” psychotropic drugs to handle it. I’ve read that this is fairly typical of homosexuals, particularly men.

      • franklinb23

        TOS writes: ” Both homosexuals that I have as friends ”

        Two gay folks! Wow. By them you’re judging the entirety of the gay population? I know a lot of messed up heterosexuals too. I know some messed up gays, but I know some who, like myself, are highly functional (high-wage earners, no criminal history, not addicted to substances, etc).

        Sure, some gay folks behave badly. A lot of Christians do, as well. You’ll focus on the former and ignore the latter, though. Our nation fought a bloody civil war in which both sides claimed to uphold the values of the Bible. That was “behaving badly”, don’t you think? Forget calling people names. People picked up muskets and blew each others heads off.

        We’re a long way from that in society right now.

        • thisoldspouse

          No, not the “entire gay population,” but most. Through them, I’ve learned that their own circle of homosexual friends are very similar. Yes, they share all of the “cultural” secrets with me.

          The sample pool is a little larger than you suppose.

        • DCM7

          “I know a lot of messed up heterosexuals too.”
          I know a lot of them too. I’ve been one myself. And, depending on how a “heterosexual” is messed up, their being messed up makes them more like the average “gay,” not less.
          “I know some messed up gays, but I know some who, like myself, are highly functional (high-wage earners, no criminal history, not addicted to substances, etc).”
          I’ve known some who were high-wage earners, no criminal history, not addicted to substances as well. And some “straights” who fit all those descriptions. And all have still been messed up.
          “Normal and healthy” is a much tougher standard to meet than most people realize. Relatively few people — and no one with abnormal sexual attractions, whether to the wrong sex or otherwise — really meet it.

          • franklinb23

            This is a bit of a tangent but …

            True. I’m not 100% certain what “normal” means. The word generally implies “usual” or “common”. That’s not really helpful, because a population can be a group of brutes.

            “Healthy”? I’d agree that most folks have some quirks or issues to deal with, but I think most people agree that there’s a spectrum of human behavior with most people not falling on the polar ends. On the one end of this spectrum, you have folks whose worst characteristics are that they are impatient on occasions but who are hardly a menace to society. On the other, you might have someone

            who will just as soon rape and kill you (not necessarily in that order) as look at you.

            It seems gay folks are generally lumped below that latter fellow.