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Lenin_leser_Pravda_fPresident Bush said one thing that was true.  Immediately following our first 9/11 attack, he mentioned that, and I’m paraphrasing, “you’re either with America or you’re against America.”  This stance is foreign to many since, over recent decades, our public education centers have de-emphasized the value of being an American.  It’s now obvious that any reform or pendulum swing needs to address and correct this mindset.

In today’s multicultural and globalized setting, insults aimed at America become common while our blood boils over team logos.  Conversely, few are even aware of the American logo, “melting pot” since all one hears or reads about today is “diversity.”  Why would a “united” country, with its media in particular, demand such splintering?

This promotion of a blasé America may now permit, if unattended, a most inexcusable insult, concerning the lives of four dead Americans.  Our society, if freedom is to remain our lot, cannot abide with such outrageous commentary.  At some point, there is a line to be defended.  If not the memory of fallen heroes, then what?

Dana Milbank’s journalistic digressions reached an all time low through his insulting commentary concerning our latest Benghazi hearings.  He opened his column with, “House Republicans on Wednesday held Benghazi hearing number 1,372,569, give or take, and this time they were determined to find the proof that has eluded them in the previous 1,372,568…”

Can this be the state of our humanity, our allegiance?  This take is not just inappropriate, it’s sinful, in lieu of the fact that relief was only hours away.  Sadly, this is just another media attempt at distancing the entire matter.  Has enough time elapsed to perfect sufficient healing so that sick humor may now taint governmental disgrace?

With such disrespect for fallen heroes, Mr. Milbank, along with his prestigious “Skull and Bones” resume, has earned President Bush’s latter designation.

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Or is it that politics rule the day, regardless of its cost!  With Hillary waiting in the wings, has our unethical press delved down even further for its cushioning shield and protective approach to another Presidential campaign in the waiting?  Why is it that the Democrat party cannot elevate one with clean hands?  As Hillary co-owns that infamous Benghazi excuse-making gambit with Obama, the press will need longer than the few weeks which Obama’s 2012 campaign required.

However, I digress once again.  Mr. Milbank lacks American fiber, experience of sacrifice and American loyalty.  Still, his diatribe reaches many through syndication.  It’s disturbing if this anti-American approach possibly becomes a requirement for attaining mass circulation.



Personally, I am sick and tired of the “main stream’s” selective interpretation of events.  I remember back when North Vietnam committed their greatest folly, its Tet Offensive.  Back in the States, this Vietnamese blunder was manipulated as being the war’s turning point.  Media punditry chorused its shock value, the enemy’s capability and American losses.

The truth of the matter is, and was then, North Vietnam suffered ten to one losses and its guerilla arm, known as the Viet Cong, was, for all intent and purposes wiped out!  In retrospect, American media coverage was supportive of and provided encouragement to our enemy.  From my perspective, Milbank’s latest is only a continuation of such disloyalty.

If the Benghazi debacle remains our benchmark, and it should, given our losses, how can we continue to digest this level of editorializing or to even regard its sponsoring publication with confidence and/or trust?

I understand that writers need to write and that papers need to print.  I also realize that by the time journalists survive their liberal implanting, their missives are assured.  However, when their slants jump off the decency charts, what should an editor do?  Is he committed, no matter the message, to print?

I have a hard time understanding how public emotion can be ratcheted up against a football team’s long standing name of Redskins yet when a pompous syndicated writer detracts from the gallantry and sacrifice of four fellow Americans, our public square remains unmoved and silent.

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Jim Bowman is a 67 year old drafted Vietnam veteran, and a retired boiler maker with 31 years of service. He has been published in numerous newspapers in Florida and Philadelphia, is the author of This Roar of Ours, and the publisher of the Americanism of our Founders website. He is the proud father of a son and daughter, two grandsons and one granddaughter.
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