Play to Win, or Don’t Bother

Tomahawk_Land_Attack_MissileSteve Deace has a great column at BarbWire, and it exposes…the lack of seriousness and dereliction of duty on the part of Christians and conservatives.

You see, we on the Right face an enemy that understands we are in a war of good and evil (and they are Hell-bent on pursuing evil); they aren’t fooled (by their own propaganda aimed at us) that politics is a game, or a social exercise, or a sport, or a friendly disagreement about how to get things done.

Unlike most conservatives and Christians today, Deace understands this.

Thankfully, we usually end up resolving these disputes at the ballot box. Politics is a substitute for civil war, and it’s also a variation of it. For further evidence just look at the terminology we often use in talking about the nuts and bolts of politics, like a campaign “war chest” or “propaganda.” Those are terms of warfare.

No war is won by “nicing” the enemy to death.

To paraphrase George C. Scott’s famous film portrayal of General Patton: “You don’t win a war by dying for your cause, you win a war by making the other son of a gun die for his.”

To make the other son of a gun die for his cause in politics you have to beat him in the arena of ideas, and then casualties are inflicted at the ballot box…

A dead enemy is a former enemy. In combat you win by inflicting devastation and casualties upon your enemy on such a massive scale that you either annihilate them or they quit. It is the same in politics.

Right now in America we have one side playing to win, and another side playing not to lose. One side plays chess, the other side plays checkers. One side is fighting a war, the other side is posturing. Nationally, our side has been in a prevent defense pretty much since Reagan left office, and any good football fan knows the prevent defense just prevents you from winning.

Deace points out that while there are many in the conservative cause who are willing to die for our ideals, few are willing to fight for them.  What’s more, those few lions we have in our ranks are led by a feckless “Republicans” establishment of ideological lambs:

The Mitt McCains of the world waste their entire political careers declaring “peace in our time” with the enemy, desperately trying to show them they’re not like those dastardly conservatives they despise. Then once they reach the summit, the liberal enemy they spent all those years pandering to pummels them with the exact same blitzkrieg of political propaganda they would pound any principled conservative with.

Since today’s American Leftists have much in common with the totalitarian regimes in the former Soviet Union and China (statism, child killing on demand, anti-Christian, anti-liberty, coddling dictators and Islamic radicals, etc.), I see no reason to restrain ourselves from treating them accordingly. If these folks get their way, our entire civilization will be undone. We can’t be a little bit pagan. We can’t be a little bit statist. We’re either the America we were founded to be or we are not.

Despite their bleating about “tolerance,” the Left isn’t interested in “getting along” with us. They want to destroy conservative Christian values and utterly defeat us politically. And if you need a clue as to what that looks like, we have seen what it looks like when Marxist humanism replaces our foundational Christian values in places like Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union.

If we are ever to get our leadership to play to win, we in the ranks must quit being misled by the disarmament propaganda of the Left, and go on the offensive. We don’t win by telegraphing to the enemy that we don’t want to win, and we are determine not to win. We win by making it clear that we expect to win, and by golly we will win, and that we are not afraid to meet and defeat our enemies on the battlefield of ideas and politics.

Woodrow Wilcox


And if you Christians think your Lord was some mamby-pamby niceguy pushover, think again. You need to stand boldly for what is right like He did.

The time is now. You can’t hope we’ll win at some future point; the decision time is NOW.  You can’t hope someone else will fight for and bring the victory; do or die, it’s up to YOU. The time is NOW.


As Ronald Reagan once said, and it has never been more true than now:

“You and I have a rendezvous with destiny. We will preserve for our children this, the last best hope of man on earth, or we will sentence them to take the first step into a thousand years of darkness. If we fail, at least let our children and our children’s children say of us we justified our brief moment here. We did all that could be done.”

Will you do all that can be done?  Will you fight with all you have?

Play to win…or don’t bother.

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