America’s First Female President Won’t Be Hillary!

Jurvetson_Obama_fI have long thought that President Obama displayed more feminine attributes in his male persona that I am comfortable with.  Note:  I said “persona.”  Now, a persona is a personal facade, a mask, if you will,  that one presents to the world.  It is supposed to be the “person” you think yourself to be and would like others to believe you are.   Having a persona, is natural.  We all do it.  Well, most of us do it, anyway. We all have an image of ourselves that, for all intents and purposes, does not match the true us — who we really are.   And yes — it is a lie.  So — THERE! 

What worries me about Mr. Obama’s persona is either he has done a very good job at creating it, or, he has deliberately created a persona that is much nearer the truth of who he really is.  Or both. 

See, Mr. Obama presents as a woman, as a female.  Much of his body language is that more closely related to the body movements and mannerisms of a female.

Now, allow me to say, that even though it is not considered politically correct today, back in my less than politically correct youth, it was understood that boys raised without a father in the home often grew up to present more as women than men.  Often they were thought to be homosexual.  Some were.  Some were not.

They learned their behavior from their mother, grandmothers, aunts — in other words — the female side of the family.  I direct you to Mr. Obama’s upbringing.   He had what we call today a “deadbeat dad.”  The old man headed for the tall timber shortly after Barry’s arrival and that was that.

Of course, the truth is unacceptable in today’s society so we can’t consider that Obama’s nearly all female upbringing has anything to do with the way he turned out,no matter how obvious.

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I read an interesting article the other day entitled: “The First Woman President.”  It was written by Matthew Continetti for the Washington Free Beacon.   In his article, Mr. Continetti says:

” … if Barack Obama “had to come out of a different closet,” had to learn “to be black the way gays learn to be gay,” if his “discovery in adulthood of a community not like your own home and the struggle to belong in both places, without displacement, without alienation” mirrors “the gay experience,” making him “the first gay president”; and if his positions on Israel make him, in the words of a former employee, “the first Jewish president,” then our ascription of gender identity need not be based on chromosomes or sexual characteristics, on hair style or costume, on self-identification, on arbitrary and socially constructed discourses of macho and feminine. It is clear to me now that we have had a woman president since January 20, 2009. Barack Obama’s story is America’s story. It is our story. It is the female story.”  — SOURCE

Mr. Continetti continues in describing Mr. Obama’s modus operandi by saying:


“His foreign policy abjures the stereotypically male, the reflexively violent, the stubbornly confrontational, and the unthinkingly gruff. He is not afraid to be called a wimp, not only because using such language is a micro-aggression, not only because such harmful words depend on categories and expectations of “male” behavior that are hopelessly outdated in the twenty-first century, but also because he is better than that “bored, tough guy shtick.”  — SOURCE

Continuing in the same article, Mr. Continetti goes on to quote Harvard professor Joseph Nye who wrote in 2012: 

” … while women are collaborative and intuitively understand the soft power of attraction and persuasion.” He adds, “Recent leadership studies show increased success for what was once considered a ‘feminine style.’” Collaborate, intuitive, soft, attractive, persuasive—these attributes of the “feminine style” are perfect descriptors of Barack Obama’s relation to the world, or at least to those parts of the world that are not Republican or Israeli.”

Mr. Continetti closes his observations by saying:

” … displaying almost every trope of womanhood outlined by the theoretician of soft power himself, Barack Obama has as much of a claim as the next girl to being the first woman president. Do not “other” him. Love him. Celebrate him. Open your mind, as I have. And Hillary: Take note. We already have a woman in the White House.”

We hardily recommend Mr. Continetti’s article to you.  You can read it in its entirety here.

Like many Americans, I originally thought Obama was what we refer today as a metrosexual, which is defined as an urban-living fashion-conscious man; a heterosexual with many attributes commonly attributed to gay men.

After five years of closely observing Mr. Obama I have changed my opinion.  I no longer believe he is metrosexual.

But is Obama, as some have suggested, homosexual?  I haven’t any idea.  But you may want to consider this:  From an article at entitled:  “Is Barack Obama Gay?” comes the following:

“While the always-eloquent Michelle Antoinette Obama might deny it publicly, there’s clear evidence that Barack Obama is indeed homosexual…and is specifically what’s known in the black street slang as “being on the Down Low” or “being a cake boy”.  The Obamas’ marriage is an elaborate sham concocted for their mutual benefit, where Michelle serves as Barack’s beard and in return she gets to enjoy a life of fabulous wealth and power she could only dream of growing up in Chicago and depending on Jesse Jackson for jobs and other favors.”  SOURCE

Some of the terminology I had to actually look up as I don’t travel in circles where such terminology is used.  For instance, I learned that being “a cake boy” means: “someone light and fluffy, effeminate, not where it’s at, not meaty in the slightest sense of the word.  The opposite of a cake boy being a ‘meat boy'(see ‘meat boy’).”  SOURCE
Then there is “on the Down-Low.”  “Down-low is an African American slang term that refers to a subculture of men who usually identify as heterosexual, but who have sex with men; some avoid sharing this information even if they have female sexual partner.”  SOURCE

Now, look.  I am not attempting to “dis” the President here.  In fact, I don’t think I could do a more credible job than he, himself, is doing if I actually tried.One is reminded that it is always dangerous to point out that “the emperor has no clothes.”  Everybody knows it, but no one will say it aloud.  Well, hardly anyone.

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