21st Century Judas

The Treachery of Judas (Credit: Andrey Mironov)

The Treachery of Judas (Credit: Andrey Mironov)

In the modern day, the influence and vitality of Christianity in America has come under the assault of a three-fold enemy. These aligned adversaries reflect a contemporary version of the demonic forces responsible for the capture, merciless persecution and shameful death of the savior, Jesus Christ. These forces are clearly illustrated (in the Biblical day) by the corrupt carnal nature and depraved activities of Judas, Pilate and Caiaphas.

All three of these prominent figures had a central role in the crucifixion of Jesus as detailed in the Passion narrative. Each of them are symbolic of the damning powers that have wrought division and confusion unto our nation’s most vital institution – the Church.

The extent of the symbolic parallels related to Christianity and secular rule/earthly powers (both then and now) are as follows –


The Jewish high priest who organized the plan to have Jesus put to death is symbolic of those who have seized political power in our day and will do anything to ensure their vision of a righteous utopia. A vision that can only come to fruition following an overthrow of the existing power structure.

As head of the Sanhedrin, Caiaphas deemed his murderous scheme a necessity for ‘it was expedient that one man should die for the people.’ In today’s America, for the grand agenda of the global-minded elite to ultimately prevail, the last remnants of Christian influence must be rendered effectually void.

Woodrow Wilcox


Pontius Pilate

The Roman governor of Judea, who reluctantly authorized the unjust sentencing and execution of the sinless son of God, reflects the public officials and judges of our day. Those whose questionable practices have tainted their regarded positions and betrayed the citizens’ trust, (as they’ve violated the rule of law they have sworn to uphold).



By their crooked deeds, they are enabling an anti-Christian cultural assault to be achieved in our day. There is blood on their hands.


The most tragic figure referenced in the passion narrative, was one of Jesus’ own disciples. The wicked Judas was described by the ancient writers as a lover of riches.

One of the twelve who accompanies the future Messiah during his earthly mission, he eventually betrays Jesus with a kiss for thirty silver shekels. His deplorable act is symbolic of the faithless activities of an ever-expanding evangelical community. They have embraced religious humanism and failed in their duty to preach the true gospel free of carnal motivations and heretical deviations.

In their vain attempts to remain relevant and prosperous they have acquiesced to ungodly powers and principalities. Such fool hardy appeasement can only reap rotten fruit. Just like Judas, they have set a suicidal course for oblivion.

Where is the George Whitefield or Jonathan Edwards of our day? Are there any just and righteous men left in America?

Who can we count on to stand tall, even in the face of public scrutiny, for all that is righteous and good? We need God-fearing men of integrity who will not wilt under the presence of secular authority.

A righteous few will remain as the time of the shortened day of The Lord draws near.

America Lost

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  • thisoldspouse

    [Judas’] “deplorable act is symbolic of the faithless activities of an
    ever-expanding evangelical community. They have embraced religious
    humanism and failed in their duty to preach the true gospel free of
    carnal motivations and heretical deviations.”

    I think this is the CORE cause of the decline of Christianity in society. Without a Judas, the other two enemies don’t have a “key” with which to strike the deadly blow.

    When I consider a particular church’s culture/mission/focus, I look over any literature, website, ads, etc that they promulgate. What I almost universally see is “movie nites,” “youth camps,” “mother’s night out,” and all other manner of fun, extra-spiritual events, but virtually NOTHING regarding extended corporate prayer, activities which push back against the ubiquitous satanic culture, or serious discipleship training. If there is a nominally spiritual event planned, it is always with an added gimmick, a “brand,” or some worldly incentive. The spiritual almost seems to act as an excuse for other secular pursuits.

    When I see this, I know that the last days apostasy is in full bloom.

    • AC700

      Yes! Those youth pastors drive me insane….. I’ve come across some of their garbage on you tube…. They are making a mockery of the Faith