USAF Vietnam, Korea Fighter Pilot to Talk on April 12

Charles "Charlie" Summers

Charles “Charlie” Summers

Charles “Charlie” Summers (USAF ret) of Rapid City spent three tours in Vietnam flying the F-100 Super Sabre. On Saturday, April 12th, he will present his combat experiences to the Black Hills Veterans Writing Group at the Western Dakota Technical Institute at 9 am.

In Vietnam, he became a member of the celebrated “MISTY” Forward Air Control Squadron. During his second tour he was shot down and ejected. After recovering from his broken back and ribs, he returned to combat for a third tour. In Vietnam he was awarded 4 Silver Stars, 3 Distinguished Flying Crosses and numerous other medals. After his third tour on Vietnam, he turned to F-4s and became a Wing Commander in Korea, spending 24 years in the USAF flying fighters. After retiring, he became a research scientist for the Institute of Atmospheric Sciences at the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology, flying the T-28 through thunderstorms.

Summer watched airplanes while growing up on a farm in Nebraska and remains active in many facets of military and civilian aviation.

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