Religious Supremacy?

In_God_We_Trust2Why are we placing restrictions on how and when truth can be spoken? Why should we be deterred from speaking truth with 100% shameless conviction? Truth is much more than religion. We must continue to speak as boldly in the public square about all natural realities, and make Swiss cheese of the tremendous amount of controlled, sponsored propaganda that has been passing for scholarly study and reporting these days. The fact of the matter is, it’s all religion anyway. Liberal-progressives are just as religious as anyone else. (See a previous article of mine for more on that)

I fear a libertarian-political affiliation may also be rightly categorized as such. {Remember fellow Christians, in all things we are to, first and foremost, glorify God.} That’s why I have to cry foul on account of the false dichotomy I have been fed by well-meaning (for the most part) libertarians.

Consequently, it is vital to distinguish religious belief from natural law when considering a social/political matter through a traditionally conservative lens. Natural law has to do with creative purpose. Thus, non-traditional marriage is a violation of God’s creation and it is opposed on those grounds; this has nothing to do with imposing religion on anyone.

We keep forgetting that the standard was already set. Radical progressives are the ones using manipulation, deception and propaganda to achieve an aggressive power grab. While many ‘evangelicals’ have unconsciously assisted the progressive movement on account of their faithless preaching (and embrace of religious humanism).

I wouldn’t mind seeing libertarians step up a bit, but they seem to lack the courage. Unfortunately, this is what happens to those who try to straddle the fence; they ultimately offer little resistance to those who pose the true threat. I fail to comprehend how a libertarian ideology could defeat radical activists hellbent on achieving their agenda at all costs. How will they confront LGBT’s ever-increasing monopoly on speech, culture and law?

We need a true awakening. Unfortunately, I perceive the number of people walking an enlightened narrow path in our day may be too few to turn this thing around.

Woodrow Wilcox


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