More Empty Words from a South Dakota ‘Moderate’

Mike_RoundsRINO Mike Rounds made headlines recently with his call for “discipline” in Washington.

From Keloland:

Rounds, one of five Republicans seeking the party’s nomination for the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by Democratic Sen. Tim Johnson, said Congress is broken and it needs to regain the discipline to get budgets and farm bills done on time so business owners have some predictability. Lawmakers also need to scale back the burdensome regulatory environment to get the economy moving again, he said.

Congress needs to regain discipline. Sounds nice. How’s that going to happen?

Will it happen through “pragmaticsurrender when the establishment insists it have its way? Mike Rounds has already told us that’s what he stands for.

Maybe taking money from communist China in exchange for some visas for their investors could help us regain that “discipline,” eh?

Perhaps Mike Rounds could show congress how to reestablish “discipline” with his record of growing government and leaving a $127 million structural deficit in South Dakota–a record that even his former Lt. Governor Dennis Daugaard acknowledges.

Woodrow Wilcox


Yeah, we could all play that game. We could all pretend that empty words–that are contradicted by the actual record–will somehow equate to meaningful change that will avert the disaster which looms over our country.

Or we could elect a conservative with a proven track record of going on the offensive against the status quo, who has demonstrated he won’t be cowed by the liberal establishment of his own party, who has shown us he’ll go to the mat to fight for our values and against liberal rot…who isn’t just going to tell us what we want to hear and then sell us out in the halls of power.


Me? I’m not interested in empty words. Are you?

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