Good News for South Dakota Conservatives


Fulton S.D. – US Senate Candidate and State Representative Stace Nelson released the following statement regarding the entrance of former State Senator Gordon Howie into the US Senate Race:

I welcome my friend and fellow conservative Republican, Senator Gordon Howie, to the US Senate race. Senator Howie distinguished himself in the South Dakota Senate by opposing Governor Mike Rounds’ support of Obamacare, and Rounds’ efforts to raise taxes and deficit spend. (Follow this link to view two charts comparing the records of Rep. Nelson with that of Rounds on taxation and spending

Senator Howie’s entrance into South Dakota’s US Senate race is further proof of what many South Dakota Republicans have been saying: Mike Rounds’ record of raising taxes, running up deficits, enacting Common Core State Standards, and supporting crony capitalism is unacceptable to conservative Republicans across the state.

Like Senator Howie and many other South Dakotans, I am concerned that Mike Rounds is a liability to the Republican Party. The black cloud of uncertainty connected with the ongoing federal investigation of corruption in his Administration involving a practice of effectively selling permanent visas to Communist Chinese investors to raise money for his crony capitalist economic development schemes, which also squandered millions of dollars from South Dakota’s taxpayers, is just one concern. Other concerns include Rounds being able to essentially buy South Dakota’s US Senate Republican Primary with the $9 Million he bragged he is getting from East Coast and DC special interests.

It is clear that if Mike Rounds manages to buy the GOP Primary, he will divide the GOP in the general election, and will allow liberal Obama/Daschle Democrat Rick Weiland to win. It is also clear that if I am the nominee, Republicans, Independents, Libertarians, Constitutionalists, and conservative Democrats, will have a candidate they can proudly support.

Woodrow Wilcox


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