The Nuclear Option


“Libertarianism is roughly akin to saying that it’s okay to do whatever you want as long as it does not infringe upon another. This seems laudable enough until everyone begins doing everything that they want, disintegrating what communal bonds do exist in a local population. It sounds admirable, but it ends up much like Communism did where you’re always arguing for the unattainable ideal – the next iteration will better embody the principles and illustrate Libertarianism. Ironically, Libertarianism also desires to construct an amoral law (elevating the Libertarian morality of personal freedom, of course), but as we have seen any law made by humanity will be biased one way or another, even if entirely unintentional. The problem is precisely that you are not an island and what your neighbor does influence you, one way or another.” -Denver Hunter, Blogger & Founder of

Moral Integrity vs. Individual Liberty?

What False Dichotomy is this? I say….

I, for one, am a Christian-Conservative who believes that liberty cannot exist without a faith-based foundation.

But let us first consider the GOP establishment. A party that has made various deals with the devil and fictitiously pays lip service to God and patriotism. Unfortunately, we reap what we sow and as a nation we continue to pay the price.

The only way the GOP will be rightly reformed from the inside is when the head is cut off. I just don’t see it happening.

Regardless, Rand Paul will not be the GOP candidate; he would have to sell his soul and give up his pseudo-libertarian principles to be so.

Woodrow Wilcox


As for his political ideology, Libertarianism essentially invites ‘immoral liberty.’ These are mutually exclusive. The whole scenario sounds more like bondage to me.

Liberty divorced from a godly foundation will lead to anarchy, which is where we’re headed anyway. But I will not, through an act of commission, help usher it in.


I prefer to rail against propaganda and deception…. and politics (which wholly encompasses both).

I believe the founders concept of liberty was God-centered. A culture gone south can’t merely be tinkered with… it must be awakened.

It’s all political theater anyway. Their brand of libertarianism could be used to render the SSM movement obsolete and to defend right to life issues, but they prefer to use it to drive founding moral principles underground. By their moral apathy, they confirm a bowing to radical feminism and LGBT and are trying to paint theocracy as the ‘true’ threat.

Theocracy never was and still is not a threat, but we keep going left. This is about votes and nothing more.

By supporting ‘all’ ideologies and foundations, we destroy the one true foundation – the Judeo-Christian foundation.

Libertarianism is not the solution, it’s merely mans attempt at a workable solution. Ultimately, it won’t work.

The largest kink in the libertarian armor is ‘the neutral position fallacy.’ Liberty cannot be divorced from the absolute moral authority, however.

Are we to believe that the founders favored, and thus instituted, a libertarian society that divorces liberty from moral authority? I can reference a multitude of quotes that would indicate other wise, aside from the foundational documents themselves.

In many ways this is as much an ideological struggle as a religious one.

What if I find the libertarian position offensive? Is it not grounded in religious humanism? That belief in god is speculative and only believers are answerable….

For me to acknowledge such a false-reality, even for my non-believing neighbor, would be disingenuous.

Is it feasible that the founders rejected the idea of an immutable social and civil foundation grounded in virtuous absolutes and natural law?

We know this is not the case.

Libertarian ideology is reactionary. As for Christians, we aren’t obsessed with winning a culture war, as much as we want to expose it for what it is. We have a voice and we want to be heard.

Christian ideology is often deemed an offense simply because of its religious foundation. But these same secular-fundamentalists feel it is within their righteous domain to insist  ‘religious humanism’ propel political action and governing principles/thought. Does anyone else recognize the hypocrisy?

Is it surprising that the political case for ‘right to life’ issues is also the religious?

It is so because it’s grounded in natural law which is grounded in God’s law. That’s why you cannot separate the true civil and cultural health of society from moral health and that is also why a libertarian society will devour itself.

I don’t see a political solution to what ails us based on our current political system. I don’t think the culture is as bad as it’s represented by the media and Hollywood, nor do I think the current political options are reflective of a majority of the people.

Our depraved nature confirms that all political systems eventually fail. This is because sinful mankind will always find a way to manipulate a political system for personal gain. Those who will do so often have little to no regard for the masses of people that are ultimately forced to endure various forms of societal pain.

The libertarian proudly declares an adversity to an ideal moral standard except when it infringes on the rights of others?

But what of those that deem themselves the arbiters of ‘righteous evil?’ Those who tolerate theft, deceit, blackmail and extortion to achieve a greater virtuous good?

They believe such means to be justified, no matter how many are left in their wake.

People use science in the same way. It is not wholly uncommon for a scientific conclusion to be falsified or deceptively presented to fulfill an agenda.

A ‘non-aggression principle’ will also be undone by unbridled depravity. It is being undone and it will get worse. There is only one foundation that can counter our depravity.

Many of the people who hold to godless ideology were seduced by secular lies. They are the ultimate victims….

Especially, when their souls are on the line.

Maybe ‘the prayer never heard’ in school or the Bible that was banned from this hotel, that prison or your  average military base (due to ‘protections’ against religious preference and godly influence) would have made the difference in society. It is the anti-Christian sentiments perpetuated throughout our nation that are swiftly doing us in.

Not sure a libertarian mindset wouldn’t, at best, maintain the level of growing suppression against Christian Liberty. Once again we ask, ‘What Liberty is this?’

What do those who hold us in such vile contempt think the Christian-conservative really wants to achieve?

All we truly seek is a certain level of enlightened responsibility, common decency and moral integrity. Is a degree of respect and deferment to natural law too much to ask for?

Must we wholly make room for sexual deviance and the unlawful acts of man…especially those whom are trusted to lead the way and have been held beyond reproach by both the complicit and the ignorant alike?

Upon further consideration, the GOP establishment, as well as libertarianism, both clearly represent the ‘nuclear option.’ Either may be preferable to our current administration, but neither are one I will rally behind.

So what’s left? Who will save us?

There is only one right way and that’s complete and utter carnal devastation. This reign of justice will be swift and everlasting!

Jesus is my Nuclear Option!

He’s coming soon and will be coming down hard….. Are you ready?

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