U.S. Senate Candidate Stace Nelson: ‘Let’s Discuss the Real Issues’

U.S. Senate Candidate Stace Nelson

U.S. Senate Candidate Stace Nelson

Fulton S.D. – The feigned outrage by Larry Rhoden regarding Mike Rounds’ campaign commercial using out-of-state photos and resources is a distraction from the real issues in the U.S. Senate race that South Dakotans are concerned with.

While our country, and our children & grandchildren’s futures, are being crushed from $17 Trillion in debt, and out-of-control federal spending, Rounds and Rhoden quibble over how Mike Rounds is spending the $9 million of DC & East Coast special interests monies he bragged he is receiving to go to DC to “fight” the culture of corruption.

Rounds/Rhoden have run and hid from numerous requested candidate debates on the real issues, and their moderate records. Some of the real issues of concern are the ongoing federal investigation into the Rounds EB-5 corruption scandal; issues like how 21-year liberal Carter-Daschle-Sandlin-Weiland- Democrat Larry Rhoden turned into an election-year “lifelong conservative… Reagan Republican” in a 2-1 Republican to Democrat district; issues like Rounds/Rhoden helping enact and implement Obamacare in SD; issues like Rounds/Rhoden’s identical voting records of accepting Obama stimulus monies, repeatedly increasing taxes/fees, exploding budgeted spending together from 2003-3010 and creating the $127 million deficit that we had to correct in 2011; etc., etc..

Instead of bickering jealously over how Mike Rounds is spending his millions of out-of-state special interests monies, Rounds/Rhoden should man-up and show up to debates and discuss these real issues South Dakotans are concerned with. They could start with the requested candidate forum in Custer on April 26th that they have yet to commit to.

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