Ashamed of the Drumbeat of Discrimination

drumbeatFrom today’s Rapid City Journal, another person who understands what Governor Dennis Daugaard and his fellow RINOs don’t or don’t want to understand: freedom.

Liberals/progressives and now our governor don’t trust the free market to determine the viability of a business for its own self-determination.

Nothing I read in Phil Jensen’s statement indicate a racist overtone. In Jensen’s analogy, if the KKK think they are tough enough to last in the business world, then have at it. Customers vote with their dollars. The only way the KKK could make their way is by bullying and intimidation, which I might add, is what the liberal/progressive media is trying to do to Jensen, and evidently accomplished with our governor.

As a business owner, I reserve the right to refuse service to anyone … at my own peril. As a customer, I reserve the right not to do business with anyone.

With all the forces of evil on the march this day, isn’t there a better demon to paint than Phil Jensen? Good God almighty, I pray for our nation’s priorities and am grateful for Phil Jensen and his support of liberty.

I am ashamed of the drum beat of discrimination against a good man. Let’s open the discussion on real discrimination — that of the unborn aborted children and their mothers.

Clark Sowers, Belle Fourche

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