Everyone Has the Right to be Happy

Phil Jensen


Down_SyndromeNo one wants their child to have Down Syndrome.  Just as no one wants their child to be born blind (like my wife was), born deaf, or born with any other sort of handicap or problem.

But a good, civilized people don’t kill their children just because their child isn’t perfect. In fact, NONE of us are perfect.

In a civilized society, we help each other overcome our shortcomings and be all that we can be.  Some of us just need a little more help than others.

Rick Kriebel 2016


Watch these less-than-perfect children tell (and demonstrate to) a pregnant woman that “it’ll be alright” even though her child has Down Syndrome.  Her child can still learn, grow up, be independent…and love her just the same as any other child.

Human life is ALWAYS precious, even when it faces extra challenges.



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