Jan Brewer Veto Represents the Pursuit of Unhappiness

When Arizona Governor Jan Brewer recently vetoed a bill that would have given some measure of protection to business owners in Arizona who wished to exercise their liberty of conscience and their right NOT to be associated with persons and activities that violate their religious beliefs, she demonstrated, I believe, what happens when civil government becomes untethered from God’s eternal, transcendent standard of right and wrong.

Apparently bowing to pressure from many groups, including the National Football League, Brewer decided to give in to the militant homosexual agenda which desires not only to have perverse behavior and activities accepted by the culture, but validated by every business owner as well.  From a movement that ostensibly claims to desire tolerance on the part or others, this insistence on validation and accommodation seems rather intolerant.

While there are many conclusions that can be drawn as we witness this cultural degradation, one comes most immediately to my mind. When a culture discards the Word of God as the standard for what is right and what is wrong, and relegates these determinations to fallen men, the results are as predictable as they are terrible.

In the time of the founding of America, when a Biblical worldview was predominant in the American people, this connection between following the Commandments and peaceable existence was clearly known, easily understood and evidentially experienced in the American culture. Indeed, living prosperously by living righteously is what Jefferson meant when he used the phrase “pursuit of happiness.”

But today we have jettisoned God’s Word as the standard for determining right and wrong, and we are clearly adrift.  We are clearly sinking, this is clearly evident, and we should have seen it coming.

Psalm Two warns that when the judges and the rulers of the earth throw off God’s law and take it upon themselves to make their own rules for right and wrong, they will be dashed to pieces like a rod of iron striking a clay pot. Regrettably we seem to be setting ourselves up for this very lesson.  Unless our government officials start obeying God and stop “playing god,” this is a lesson we will experience fully.



Woodrow Wilcox


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