DHS Sec: Illegal Aliens Have ‘Earned’ Citizenship

Phil Jensen


trespassingHomeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson  seems to think illegal aliens have somehow “earned” citizenship in the United States.

From CNS News:

Comprehensive immigration reform would also promote a more effective and efficient system for enforcing our immigration laws, and should include an earned path to citizenship for the approximately 11-and-a-half-million undocumented immigrants present in this country, something like 86% of whom have been here almost 10 years,” Johnson said.

Illegal aliens have “earned” citizenship? How? In the same way a family who might break into my house has “earned” the right to live in it? Uh huh.

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And we know that “something like 86% of whom have been here almost 10 years” precisely how? If they are here illegally, how do we know when they came to our country? And if we know when they came to or stayed in our country illegally, why didn’t we enforce our own laws and deport them upon discovery of their criminal activity?

With someone like this being in charge of guarding our nation…be afraid, be very afraid. It’s like an apologist for foxes guarding the henhouse.

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