Poll: Most Republicans Agree with the Tea Party

Phil Jensen


Pew Research has a new poll out reminding Americans once again that they are supposed to follow the herd and view the Tea Party negatively because that’s what all smart people do, after all. Not a whole lot of new ground covered here–just the usual cycle from the “mainstream” media of “Let’s vilify the Tea Party, then run a poll to see how well our propaganda campaign worked”–but there are some important lessons to be learned, buried in the material.

It’s worth noting that of the Democrats, Republicans and Independents surveyed, they surveyed more Democrats than Republicans, and among the three, Republicans made up only 28% of the sample. And since independents tend to be more liberal and are usually just liberals who are afraid to call themselves Democrats, it’s pretty clear that the sample here started out pretty heavy Left-leaning against the Tea Party from the start. And when you consider that a lot of “Republicans” loathe their own party’s documented conservative values, it doesn’t take long to realize you’re dealing with a stacked deck against the Tea Party.

Of course, even if they had received a balanced shake in the sample, public opinion is a deck stacked against the Tea Party. After all, the American people have been subjected to four years of propaganda from ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, MSNBC, CNN, NPR, the New York Times, the Washington Post, the LA Times, Newsweek, Time, et al. blasting the Tea Party as racists, terrorists, and the like. And in a culture which is more interested in staying up on “Dancing With the Stars” and the latest Twitter trend than in educating themselves on the facts concerning their government and politics, a certain amount of that propaganda thrown 24/7/365 by the “mainstream” media, large segments of our government, and even some in the GOP–it’s going to stick.

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Is if fair? Of course not. Not even close. But it is the perceptual reality we have. We can and should do all we can to educate the public on the facts, but no matter what, it’s going to be an uphill battle with the mindless pop culture mindset.

What’s interesting in this poll (and it’s not the first one to reveal this, either) is that it reveals that despite the derision and vilification of liberal collaborators in the GOP, most Republicans share the beliefs of the Tea Party.

What does the Tea Party believe? To hear the “mainstream” media and other Leftists tell it, the Tea Party believes in white supremacy, starving old people and children, anarchy, and so on. The truth is that the beliefs of the Tea Party can be summed up in three phrases: limited government, fiscal responsibility, low taxes. Most Tea Party patriots are also social conservatives who believe in a number of other important things, but the Tea Party itself is primarily focused on those three areas.

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And while you’ll find a few Leftists in the Democrat Party who will admit to being for unlimited government, reckless spending and confiscatory taxes, you won’t find many Republicans or independents (who will admit to) being for it.

Just as a poll earlier this year found that most people agree with Republican principles (but most people don’t trust the Republican Party), so it is that while many people have bought the Leftist propaganda against the Tea Party, most polls have shown that not only do most Republicans agree with the principles and priorities of the Tea Party, most Americans in general agree with the policy positions of the Tea Party.

It’s obvious that most Americans haven’t sold out to liberalism. Most Americans are still basically conservative in their views, but the banner-carriers of their values have (a) sold out and decided to collaborate with the Left (the Republican Party) and (b) been vilified by anti-American propaganda artists (the Tea Party).

As the graphic below from Pew shows, most garden-variety non-Tea Party Republicans (which would include and ostensibly be made up of the liberal Republicans) state they believe in almost all the same things as the Tea Party:

  • Opposition to raising the debt ceiling
  • Smaller government
  • The need for less regulation of the financial industry
  • Opposition to ObamaCare
  • Banning abortion
  • Opposition to counterfeit marriage
  • Protecting the right to keep and bear arms
  • Concern over attacks on liberty by our own government

The only areas where most liberal Republicans don’t agree with the Tea Party is in the area of prioritizing reduction of debt over maintaining entitlements by a small margin, and developing alternative (read: inefficient, government-subsidized environmentalist ) energy sources by a bigger margin.

So only in two out of ten areas were liberal Republicans in disagreement with Tea Party values….at least according to their claims. As is often the case, RINOs frequently say one thing while actually pursuing another–but hey, if liberal Republicans are going to claim out of one side of their mouth to be conservative while vilifying the Tea Party out of the other side of their mouths, they ought to be judged accordingly.

In the end, while the conclusion is inescapable that the propaganda campaign waged against the Tea Party by the Left has been effective, the fact remains that most Americans–especially people in the Republican Party–still, by their own admission, agree with the vast majority of Tea Party beliefs.

And that’s not good news for liberals.




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  • Ronald Shultz

    So this is just like people being against Obamacare but when you ask them about the policies of the law, they like it. Similarly I’m sure smaller government polls well, just take it away and people howl.

    • Actually, most Americans don’t like being told what to do with their own money, their own insurance, and their own health care decisions, nor do they like seeing their premiums go up, their plans changing and reduced access to health care. Most businesses also don’t like being told what to do, how they must compensate their employees for their labor, and so on.

      True, there are a few dullards and leeches out there who like government to run their lives for them and make decisions for them, but they remain in the minority.

      I’m still curious as to why a Canadian is so interested in seeing America go down the road of socialist mediocrity.

      • Ronald Shultz

        I told you about why my IP indicates I’m in Canada. If you don’t listen, not my problem. So stop asking a dumb question. As for what you say, it is the government telling the insurance companies what to do. Which is don’t treat your customers like crap. It is a government’s job to tell you what to do, it is it’s purpose. Don’t speed, don’t pollute, wear a seat belt because when your uninsured butt shows up in emergency all the rest pays for you. The mandate is a conservative idea, personal responsibility. But YOU don’t worry because why? You have air force healthcare, government supplied? What a rotten world you want to create and it’s a good thing you make up 15% of the population, you have no chance. If you listened to Obama today, you should realize what terrible Americans you people make, you should be ashamed of yourself. You got your clocks cleaned and if you want more, come and get it.

        • Apparently I missed that bit about your IP, and still can’t find it anywhere. So why IS a Canadian so desperate to see America go down the road to socialist mediocrity?

          So tell me, where in the U.S. Constitution is the federal government empowered to tell insurance companies what to do. I’ll give you a hint: if it’s in there, it’ll be in Article 1 Section 8 where the enumerated powers of the federal government are listed. I’ll give you another hint: you won’t find it because it isn’t in there. Also check the Tenth Amendment to find out what powers the federal government has of those powers are not delegated to it by the Constitution? Hint: none, zip, nada.

          It also isn’t the federal government’s job to tell people what to do, either.

          Maybe it’s because you’re Canadian that you just don’t understand the enlightened American way, but you see, we have understood since 1776 that “all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” Our rights don’t come from government; they come from our Creator.

          We have also understood that government exists not to tell people or other private entities what do do, but rather “to secure these rights.”

          We also understand that governments “deriv[e] their just powers from the consent of the governed”-that means we, the citizens of America.

          There are also many other things we as Americans understand about government and freedom; it’s in our founding document, called the Declaration of Independence. You should read it sometime: http://www.archives.gov/exhibits/charters/declaration_transcript.html

          These same lessons carry over to our governing document and highest law, the U.S. Constitution. (http://www.archives.gov/exhibits/charters/constitution_transcript.html) You will notice there that government does not empower itself to do whatever it wants to the worthless peons under its sway, but rather governmetn is established by “We the people.” The people delegate certain powers to the federal government to do certain things for us (they’re found in Article 1 Section 8), and ONLY those things. As the Tenth Amendment says, all other powers are retained by the people and the individual states.

          And no, the individual mandate is NOT a conservative idea. It is antithetical to conservatism, which expects people to be responsible for themselves without dictating the means by which they are to be responsible for themselves. ObamaCare is the antithesis not only of the freedom to determine how one meets his own needs, but forces other Americans to pay for the health care of others. All of which is antithetical not only to conservatism, but to the U.S. Constitution which provides no authority whatsoever for the federal government to create, administer or regulate a health care system or system of charity.

          I would suggest that since you live in Canada, maybe good manners if nothing else would dictate that you refrain from calling for the subjugation the citizens of another nation. The very least you could do would be to learn about the American way, which you are painfully ignorant about. Who knows: if you do learn about the American way, you might just develop a hunger for freedom, and join us in fighting tyranny.