What is Non-Essential?

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As always, Bill Whittle is right on the mark. I have no doubt whatsoever that President Obama is doing out of his way to make the government shutdown hurt out of spite, but I also have no doubt that there is a secondary, more “practical” consideration for the antics of this administration during the shutdown: they are desperate to ensure the American people “don’t miss the federal government” during the shutdown.

Because despite the massive amounts of largess our government spends, most Americans in their daily lives just don’t depend on government that much. That’s how a free people live.

Just as we sometimes ask ourselves if a tree fell in the woods and no one was there to hear it would it make a sound, we must ask ourselves: if the federal government shut down and no tyrant was there to deliberately “make it hurt,” would we notice or care?

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From the video description:



Only 17% of the Federal employees are non-essential?!? This highlights Obama’s biggest fear–that people won’t notice how much they don’t rely on government and don’t rely on him. Join Bill Whittle as he chides the Park Service and exposes Obama as a temper-tantrum President.

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  • thisoldspouse

    Bill is spot-on, as usual. The well of corrupt enmity that this administration has for Americans has no bottom.