David Barton on Common Core

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Common_Core_KentuckyAuthor and historian David Barton recently appeared on Glenn Beck show and discussed the Common Core education standards.

In addition to the data mining that gathers personal information on students and their families and puts it into the government machine, there are serious concerns about the academic rigor of Common Core standards.

Barton examined education standards from a century ago. When you examine what students then were required to master, versus what they are required (and I use the term loosely) to learn today, it is amazing how dumbed-down America’s education standards have become. And Common Core isn’t taking us in the direction of those higher standards.

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People were incredibly better educated when we were more concerned that students understood basic math, reading, science, history and such–instead of “educating” them to save polar bears, accept homosexual behavior as “normal,” put condoms on bananas, promote ObamaCare to their parents, and so on.

Liberals are enamored with change; they love shiny new things. It doesn’t really matter if it’s better or even if it really works; let’s just have some change.

Some things (like human nature, the potential of human intellect, right and wrong, etc) just don’t change, and many things shouldn’t change. And before we change anything, we need to consider whether the proposed course is really going to result in a smarter, better educated citizen.

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Perhaps instead of adopting experimental new educational philosophies from Leftists and socialists, America just needs to get back to the educational basics and simply expect better from our students.



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