AP Poll: Obama at Low 37% Approval

Bush_MissMeI don’t put a whole lot of stock into polls for a number of reasons. A lot of people are incredibly ignorant about the facts and the truth, so polls are worthless when it comes to identifying what is right and what is wrong. Many people are also incredibly fickle, they don’t think logically, they form opinions based on propaganda, and so forth.

But polls can be interesting in a broader context sometimes, especially when comparing “mainstream” media reactions.

Such is the case with a new AP poll in which you have to dig down a bit to learn that President Obama’s approval rating has cratered at 37%.

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As Hot Air cites, the poll contains a lot of interesting results as to who is to blame for the government shutdown (the “mainstream” media has been telling the public the Republicans are responsible, so it’s not hard to figure out), how few want to raise the debt ceiling, and so on.

As the Daily Caller reminds us, President Bush had a higher poll number at this same point in his presidency than His Lordship Barack Obama now enjoys.

And as Rush Limbaugh pointed out on his show today, when President Bush hit 36% approval on a CNN poll at one point during  his presidency, Wolf Blitzer was positively peeing his pants with excitement over the news.

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What I find really interesting is that for President Bush, even after five years of the “mainstream” media blaming Bush for everything from Katrina to cancer, and even after five years of the “mainstream” media adoring the Obamessiah, Bush had a higher approval rating than Obama now has.

Proof that yes, there are plenty of dolts out there who lap up the media propaganda…but there are also plenty of people out there who are doing their thinking for themselves.

It’s those folks who give me hope for the future of America.

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  • DCM7

    We started missing you 5 years ago, Mr. Bush.

  • thisoldspouse

    I wonder why Rasmussen has him up in the polls of late?