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Stop the Bullying:  The One-sided Affair

Stop the Bullying: The One-sided Affair

I’m not going to mince words. I’m tired of the radical agenda driven peoples, claiming special consideration for gay teens, while then claiming they are fighting “bullying” of teens. No, you aren’t. You are fighting the bullying of specific groups — not bullying itself. That’s wrong! That’s as wrong as the act of bullying.

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Members of the Westboro Baptist Church (Photo credit: JC Wilmore)

‘Gays’ Forced to Serve Westboro Baptist Haters

At least Oregon is applying its anti-discrimination laws evenhandedly. Interesting story out of Gresham: The Oregonian is reporting that Bruce Bottoms – a homosexual baker and owner of “Cakes By Cupcakes” – has been charged with anti-Christian discrimination by the Oregon Ministry of Human Rights (OMHR). Mr. Bottoms and his partner, Lance Limpkowski, recently declined to bake a cake for the notoriously anti-”gay” Westboro Baptist Church (WBC). As a result, they’ve been forced to shut down their business.

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